Nokia Lumia 900 Black for AT&T - Target Mobile (FREE + Make $80)

Includes instant discount with an AT&T contract extension and select service plans + Free Standard Shipping via FedEx

Pair this with the $100 Credit from Nokia for the glitch Click Here for Details

FREE w/ -$80 AT&T Bill Credit!
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What's the matter?
erick99 Apr 11, 2012
I'm very happy with Android and have had no problems at all with apps. Android vs Apple is a matter of preference and I think both are great. I really love my HTC EVO 4G and am looking forward to the LTE model due out soon. For Apple folks the iPhone 5 is rumored to be a significant upgrade so I know you folks are excited as well. It's all good :)
erick99 Apr 11, 2012
The Lumina 700 & 900 are actually fantastic phones and some reviewers say they are the equal to the iPhone. The problem is, it is very hard for Nokia to gain any traction against Android and iOS phones. It's worth checking out the phone and I think they will do better when there are a lot of apps available.
encorez Apr 11, 2012
and many of the apps wouldn't work right, that is what I noticed, iPhone apps have better quality control than android and much better than Windows7/8 OS.
blackfoot Apr 11, 2012
Wow, superb deal. Need to look into this one for sure.
Florida2Texas Apr 11, 2012
Such an amesome deal. I cant wait to get home and show this to my husband. Our att contract expired 2 days ago and we have been looking for a cellphone deal to renew it and i have heard awesome reviews about this phone. Thanks a lot!!
encorez Apr 11, 2012
Get the iPhone 4s....for $199 and sell it for $550 on ebay. This OS sux, really.... Wait till more people buy Windows phones before you buy one...These phones don't let you open them up without Zune, so if there is a problem with Zune you can't get your pictures off the phone....
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arsiel Apr 11, 2012
encorez, I think Windows phones are quickly becoming worthwhile competitors. My friend has a Windows phone (forgot which one, sorry). Yeah, when he initially got it, it had a few bugs. He just brought it into AT&T and they swapped it for him for free. No problems since then.
They're having this promo for this phone to promote Windows and increase the user base for the OS. Let them have a shot before you shoot them down :p
If it was such a failure, it'd be gone by now... like the Google phones :x!
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Florida2Texas Apr 11, 2012
@encorez - my husband is probably going to get the 4s since has has the 3s right now but I am not a big fan of iphones...but ya @ arsiel's point I have heard good things about the windows phone. My cousin who creates apps for iphones for a living has a windows phone himself and couldn't be happier!
I appreciate the suggestion and I will definitely go to the store to compare both of them before making a decision.
encorez Apr 11, 2012
the phones work great until they don't, then you can't anything off of them....happen to me...

they don't hook-up as a flash drive, only Zune see these phones, and if there is a are screwed
Florida2Texas Apr 11, 2012
@encorez - You Win! My husband said an absolute NO to a windows phone. :(
nthsll Apr 11, 2012
Stellar reviews for this thing on Amazon and elsewhere. Some are calling it better than the iPhone4, not as good as the 4s, and better than most if not all Android phones. Obviously there wont be as many aps as either of the competitors. Still may be worth a look for the price.
encorez Apr 11, 2012
I had a windows phone, and I say wait a few years before you buy one....very buggy, and Zune sux...
encorez Apr 11, 2012
I had these windows phones, the OS is very buggy.....
PaperRocket Apr 11, 2012
Seems like a great phone, in my own opinion not even close to being as good as an iPhone though, but for the price and if you want a great deal this one seems like the way to go. +'ed
dhirajg Apr 11, 2012
Looks much cheaper, would like to have it but I have been using iPhone just more than a year and can not upgrade. Nice find....
Dexterous Apr 11, 2012
OMG you get cash back for this? This is awesome...more than free stuff..
Sundevil Apr 11, 2012
I thought free phones are already pretty awesome. Now you can even make $80!
hemalaa Apr 11, 2012
This is awesome...will check this...thank you.
additc Apr 11, 2012
heyimdennise Apr 11, 2012
Does this means I'm getting an $80 discount from my bill????
audiocracy Apr 11, 2012
ATT is actually giving these out for free from the website from now through April 21st due to some network problem.
arsiel Apr 11, 2012
My friend, who is an avid Apple fan, even switched over to try this phone out. It looks nice, has had great reviews, and now it's free!
If I wasn't with Sprint, I'd certainly consider it
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ShiningDream Apr 11, 2012
It isn't with Sprint.
arsiel Apr 11, 2012
If I wasn't with Sprint.
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megamac125 Apr 11, 2012
This phone is truly awesome.