Samsung Galaxy S4 starting at $138.00 + $40 gift card w/ 2-year Contract

price drop
now includes a $40 gift card
with 2 year contract
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At0micAmbER May 15, 2013
I need a replacement phone, Thinking this one is gonna be it.
swati12345 May 12, 2013
Just search for Mobiledeals keyword if you want to buy factory unlocked brand new iPhone 4S.
rd995 May 11, 2013
so the lowest price if you are getting it for att will be walmart
littlexu May 11, 2013
Great deal for a Samsung Galaxy S4. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
tanush6 May 10, 2013
ever since i bought my first galaxy, i have been dreaming about Samsung models..s4 is my latest crush
jkbane May 10, 2013
i wish vzw would have it for the cheaper price.
Durr21 May 10, 2013
This is a nice phone the price is awesome great deal
shimisi May 10, 2013
This is the best price I've seen for this phone so far. The new models will never end!
phoneguru9 May 10, 2013
would love to use this some day.
MrBklynW May 10, 2013
awesome promotions. better then last years initial prices for the S3.
shopange08 May 09, 2013
I've heard pretty good news about this phone. Nice find
iowahawkeyes May 09, 2013
I never really saw any strong adverising for this phone. I expected it to be all over the news like the iPhone 5.
mikhaila May 09, 2013
I ordered my Samsung GS4 last week! I'm so excited to use it.
additc May 09, 2013
pretty good deal if it works
Indalecsio May 09, 2013
wow that's usually like a $600 phone.
blackfoot May 09, 2013
Lots of phone offers, good deal for new contracts.
Dexterous May 09, 2013
Att : The offer you selected is no longer available.
Dexterous May 09, 2013
Sorry bout that, got it now when i click the see it button. But the link with

AT&T: Samsung Galaxy S4 for $168.00
White Frost

Isn't working. Thanks.