Walmart Family Mobile Plan (Unlimited Talk, Text & Web by T-Mobile)

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Unlimited Talk, Text & Web with no annual contract.

Monthly fee: $45 for the first line; $35 for each additional line. (Up to 5 total lines.)
One-time $25 Starter Kit required per line.
No phone purchase required. You can use your own/existing phone.
Plan includes 250 MB of shared Web access at 3G speeds*.

*The Unlimited Talk, Text & Web plan includes unlimited web access for all lines on the account, and up to 250MB of shared Speed Boost each month. This means the first 250MB of data used each month by all users on the account is delivered at 3G speeds. Once the Speed Boost has been used up, web speeds are reduced to 2G speeds.

Optional Speed Boost amounts are added on top of the included 250MB of Speed Boost, and shared across all lines on the account.

The following Speed Boost Options are available to customers on the Unlimited Talk, Text & Web plan:
1GB Speed Boost for $10/month
3GB Speed Boost for $20/month
8GB Speed Boost for $40/month

For more information, see the Walmart Family Mobile Page here.
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Comments (5)

branie (L5)
Aug 17, 2012
It is a plan to consider for sure. Thanks for the information :))
FibroMom (L5)
Aug 16, 2012
I am really trying to weigh out plans - as we want to go with a different company than the one we are with - this looks good - but not sure about the shared web time and if their are additional 3G charges... thank you for posting the link - now I can find where to look into it further! :)
shimisi (L5)
Aug 16, 2012
You're welcome. I've added some info and a link that explains the Data plan (and other FAQs) more extensively. :)
jagan164 (L1)
Aug 16, 2012
That means 250 MB of Data per line ?
shimisi (L5)
Aug 16, 2012
It's for all lines. The 250MB is at 3G speed. You get unlimited slower data after that; and the option of buying more data at 3G speeds.

I will update the post to include more info on the data/speed plan.

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