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not just for iPhone!

Oh, Winter. We really wish you'd go away, but you come back every year. Snowing on us. Wintry mixing on us. So we're out in the cold, scraping the ice off our cars and of course, our phone rings. Then the following sequence of events happens:

1. Stare at phone.

2. Swipe at screen with gloved hand, out of reflex.

3. Say words Mother doesn't appreciate.

4. Attempt to hold phone with one hand while removing glove from opposite hand with teeth.

5. Repeat step 3 when the call goes to voicemail because you took too long.

Don't let your gloves keep you away from your smartphone! Digits are mini conductive pins that convert the gloves you already own and love into smartphone-compatible gloves. They're made of conductive silicone with a metal pin on the back for attaching to your glove. They're super easy to install and each set comes with four pins so you can either have four fingers on one set of gloves, or two fingers each on two pairs of gloves.
iPhone Cold

Product Specifications

Ugly gloves NOT included
Convert your gloves into smartphone-compatible gloves!
Conductive silicone pads allow you to use your touchscreen
Easy To Use:
Place the back side of the Digit (with post) inside the fingertip of the glove and push through.
Twist the other side of the Digit onto the post.
Attach Digits to as many fingers on the gloves as desired.
Set of four Digits per package
Compatible with most touchscreen devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones, etc.
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