Extra 50% Off Clearance Sale | Express

Express is holding their annual End of Season Clearance Sale with an extra 50% off all clearance items! Now's your chance to get dressed up without breaking the bank, so check out the sale below:

How to get this deal:
  1. View & add clearance items to cart
  2. At checkout, an extra 50% discount will apply to all clearance items
  3. Items ship for free on all orders over $125

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What's the matter?
rockinnrolla Jul 02, 2014
Now extra 50% off
chrisaves Jul 01, 2014
Cool sale, there are lots of great selections to choose from that for low prices too!
tr1plication Jul 01, 2014
Still working
MColeto Jun 20, 2014
Sale is back this year! Save up to 70% off!
krmills1 Jun 12, 2013
@rockinnrolla Whats up?? Haven't talked to you in a while...You have a lot of good deals posted. Keep up the good work!! :)
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rockinnrolla Jun 12, 2013
@krmills1 Nothing to crazy with me... Just keeping busy with the kids! How's is life with you?
rockinnrolla Jun 12, 2013
Sale is on AGAIN w/ new couopn code added! :D
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 25, 2013
Love the quality of their clothes:)
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 16, 2013
Gotta shop this one!
newjerseychickxo Apr 13, 2013
Looks like an awesome sale going on. Wow. Thanks
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 12, 2013
Talk about a SUPER SALE!:)
ukaran Apr 08, 2013
I think the final price of any product must be unimaginable. So great deal.
littlexu Apr 08, 2013
Wow, some many discount, will have my wife browse through for some good offers. Thanks for sharing.
alicewhite369 Apr 08, 2013
Dexterous Apr 07, 2013
thats good sale thanks for some codes too
blackfoot Apr 07, 2013
Nice sale with the extra coupon offer.
backspace Apr 07, 2013
Great Sale and great coupons
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 07, 2013
Gotta love this sale!...and the coupons:)
poe601 Apr 07, 2013
Awesome clearance sale and the extra 30% off is great!
MrBklynW Apr 03, 2013
very good clearance sale. thanks!
MrBklynW Apr 08, 2013
great additional discounts. thanks!
FibroMom Apr 02, 2013
Finding so many super awesome deals that I am going to require yet ANOTHER closet to put them all in! NICE Prices! Thanks! :)
deby32953 Apr 02, 2013
Odd, right now onsite everything is $0.00 & the code is not working.
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deby32953 Apr 02, 2013
@deby32953 "Promotion code 1665 is invalid."
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rockinnrolla Apr 02, 2013
@deby32953 Everything is FREE!!!! I didn't add the code... I will check it out. :)
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deby32953 Apr 02, 2013
@rockinnrolla Can you believe it? Nothing has a price & shipping is free too! I wonder if we can place orders this way!
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deby32953 Apr 02, 2013
@rockinnrolla The site is hosed. Won't let me remove items from my bag or update but is willing to let me check out for $0 but I don't want a huge bill later.
rockinnrolla Apr 02, 2013
@deby32953 You gonna try?
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deby32953 Apr 02, 2013
@rockinnrolla NO Way! You Crazy???
rockinnrolla Apr 02, 2013
@deby32953 Kinda... LOL :P
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rockinnrolla Apr 02, 2013
@deby32953 The site is down now... Too many people buying stuff for FREE!
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deby32953 Apr 02, 2013
@rockinnrolla You think?? Wait until they get the bills! Nothing in this life is free! Their orders will be cancelled or they will be billed.
psplove Apr 02, 2013
@deby32953 Did you tried the code: 1665 yet?
psplove Apr 02, 2013
Added a code for you and save extra money. wish you don't mind!