Kmart | Star Wars Slipper Sale

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(5 choices) Youth or toddler
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What's the matter?
shimisi Mar 21, 2013
How fun for kids to walk (more like run) around in these. Great price.
shopange08 Mar 21, 2013
This is a great price on slippers for little feet. Nice find!
littlexu Mar 21, 2013
I am not a star war fan, but $2.49 for such a slipper is a great deal. Thanks for sharing.
alecupope Mar 21, 2013
I loved the Star Wars movies, almost all of them. I like the long as they don't talk...
nthsll Mar 21, 2013
I wish they had these in adult sizes. Great novelty at a great price
alecupope Mar 21, 2013
@nthsll they aren't for adults? not cool.
nthsll Mar 21, 2013
@alecupope Nope. Youth sizes. The darth Vader ones are todler sizes. :-/
THartz606 Mar 21, 2013
Great price for these slippers. I'm going to see if my little brother wants a pair. Thanks for the post.
ukaran Mar 21, 2013
Massive Price Drop for Star Wars Slipper is really fine. Good deal.
ancagavs Mar 21, 2013
yeah, not a big fan of Star Wars. but for someone who's a fan they're very nice.
MrBklynW Mar 21, 2013
awesome deal. thanks for sharing!
additc Mar 20, 2013
Hahaha love it
Gaylesheerin Mar 20, 2013
these slippers are too cute! gonna look some other goods to get a free shipping:)
dvinegrace83 Mar 20, 2013
So cute, and more importantly so cheap! I hope they have some in my kids' sizes!
blackfoot Mar 20, 2013
Goofy looking slippers at a good price.
dealio23 Mar 20, 2013
Picking up two pairs for my nephews! They'll love them, thanks!
MyPrecious Mar 20, 2013
i am a ardent star war fan. i am going to buy this and not use it...howzzat
nthsll Mar 21, 2013
@MyPrecious LOL. Great avatar and username man.
MyPrecious Mar 21, 2013
@MyPrecious i know!thanks and i love this tiny guy :)
themoneyman1113 Mar 20, 2013
Darn, they don't have these in Mens, lol :--) I'll have to buy these for my nephew and just admire them, what a great deal.
YesBoss Mar 20, 2013
Nice Find, This Is Very Good Price For Star wars Lovers .
krmills1 Mar 20, 2013
Very funny slippers, my grand kids would love these!!!
supercouponingmo Mar 19, 2013
Great price drop! I will be getting a few pairs of these.
Durr21 Mar 19, 2013
Lol these make me laugh nice slippers my little cousin would like these
dealwagger Mar 19, 2013
Awesome deal, I'll have to check and see what size my nephew is!