LeftLane Sports - Vibram Five Fingers 50% Off

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dvinegrace83 Dec 20, 2011
yes, they're comfortable but you definitely have to try a pair first before buying! they don't fit every type of foot. my husband has fred flinstone feet and they just do not work lol. advice..just try on at a store to see what size you are, and THEN take advantage of this deal =)
garylapointe Dec 19, 2011
Check the sizing guide for EACH pair. The thicker ones seem to run bigger than the Sprints and the Classic, I know this makes no sense, but they do and the sizing charts reflect this when converting to American sizes, if you wear metric, they just run bigger in some of the other models...
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garylapointe Dec 19, 2011
I own a half dozen of these and love them. Actually, I don't like the open ones (the Classic, with no strap or covering across the top, it feels like there is no support and that they will fall off).

The Sprint is awesome, with a thicker sole, hiking in the water and bike riding. The TrekSport is thicker and keeps out the sand (if you're at the ocean with lots of waves).

I bought my first two pair from actual stores. Since then I've ordered on-line from stores. I've bought one pair of fakes, from an eBay user, and I could tell from the instant I put them on (but they were still pretty nice), if I hadn't had other pairs, I'd probably never had known. All the others I own seem perfect and if they're fakes I can't tell (and I've got multiple pair to compare them to).
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occlumency Dec 19, 2011

onetime $10 credit stackable.
hondaonly Dec 19, 2011
great deal, unfortunately no sizes for mens 9
tekman2500 Dec 18, 2011
raging wookiee is a jedi master of deals. I see him introducing a lot of new deals. look at hes record.
ilene285 Dec 18, 2011
They have many different colors and styles to choose from. Great gift idea.
winniemiller Dec 18, 2011
It's a good deal!
belarus94 Dec 18, 2011
Very comfortable, also great for long-term outdoor trips. Overall great item.
newdeal4u Dec 18, 2011
JimCDunn Dec 18, 2011
Vibram Five Fingers are only available in store with brick and mortar locations. These are most likely counterfeits. I have purchased counterfeits by mistake in the past and they are NOT the same quality.

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tekman2500 Dec 18, 2011
good point. but i think this is a legitimate website. the seller does have a real store they sell from.
JimCDunn Dec 19, 2011
Good. I didn't see a physical address for them. Glad they are real. I love mine.
nimrodboy3 Dec 18, 2011
i've always been intrigued by these. are they really comfortable? they make me feel like i could have hobbit feet if i wanted to :P
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arsiel Dec 18, 2011
Hahaha, I have the same exact question. They say it's like being natural (i.e. running barefoot in the wild or something) but I'm not sure I'd really like that...
maven3 Dec 18, 2011
I have several pairs and I love them. They are very different though, I recommend trying them on in a store and walking around a while in them before buying. They feel like those rubberized gardening gloves, just for your feet.

You actually get used to them pretty quickly. You have to walk differently, heel smashing while you walk does not work at all in them.
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nimrodboy3 Dec 18, 2011
yeah..i was checking out reviews and they mention also how you need to adjust your stride in order to walk properly in those. so far..pretty good reviews, though.
full_price_NOT Dec 18, 2011
Great Deal. Just ordered for a gift. Thanks!