Lulu Pink Pink Heart Fleece

ship to home only 99 CENTS

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What's the matter?
DanielSong Jan 09, 2012
Looks really cute! It will match with my dog.
lori1212 Jan 08, 2012
so cute.
jasoned Jan 07, 2012
My wife loves to dress our dog in these things. She thinks it's cute, but the dog always walks around looking humiliated. :) But it makes my wife happy, so it makes me happy.
newjerseychickxo Jan 07, 2012
That is so sweet,making your wife happy. I love dressing my dog too.:)
psplove Jan 07, 2012
Looks cute and thanks for the list!
branie Jan 07, 2012
This is so cute although I bet our lovable friends don't feel the same way :) Great price I saw some Halloween costumes so outrageously priced that this seems like a steal!!!
newjerseychickxo Jan 07, 2012
Yes ,I love the little outfits they have now for our pets,just to cute.
Christine Jan 08, 2012
this really is a great deal ...especially compared to the holiday ones! it's so cute tooo =)
dvinegrace83 Jan 07, 2012
oh lawd! as much as i dont really believe in clothes for dogs, those are awfully cute and super affordable!
zoelee Jan 07, 2012
Looks so cute!!
FibroMom Jan 07, 2012
OMG! My Daughter is ALWAYS dressing up her Dog - she will LOVE this for Valentine's Day! Thanks you! ♥
poe601 Jan 07, 2012
Too Cute! Only 97¢ shipping!
austin38 Jan 07, 2012
Adorable outfit for all the lady dogs out there!
MrBklynW Jan 06, 2012
thats adorable! my girl yorkie would like this(^.^)
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MrBklynW Jan 06, 2012
we actually have a blanket with the same patterns=D
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