Old Navy $1 Solid Flip Flops (Valid on 6/29, In-Store ONLY)

Select stores open early 7:00 AM.
Limit 5 pairs per transaction. Solid colors only.
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What's the matter?
mikhaila Jul 01, 2012
Love deals like these!
Dexterous Jul 01, 2012
great slipper for a buck, nice find
shopange08 Jul 01, 2012
Stocked up this weekend on these.. thanks!
psplove Jul 01, 2012
Oh. I missed this one. I guess I have to wait next year..
hemalaa Jul 01, 2012
I got this last time....Good one for cheap price...thanks for the post.
MrBklynW Jun 30, 2012
always like $1 old navy flip flops, we still have ones from last sale still in package=P we stocked up=D
cassandraashley Jun 30, 2012
I couldn't go today! Had to work late. :(
iowahawkeyes Jun 30, 2012
Old navy flip flops have a great sole material. They just feel greater than other brands and last so much longer.
lilywow Jun 30, 2012
I will go there tomorrow. Stock up for beach season this year and in the future
arsiel Jun 30, 2012
No one can pass on flip flops for a buck! I mustve accumulated 5-6 pairs over the years :P
ArtemisDeals Jun 30, 2012
great deal but I totally forgot to go there today :P just figures :)
tpark6283 Jun 30, 2012
Darn it!!! With all the storms around here last night and craziness today I totally forgot!
blackfoot Jun 30, 2012
Got a couple pair of flip-flops. Good price
ilene285 Jun 30, 2012
Awesome deal! I hope there are some left when I get there.
YesBoss Jun 30, 2012
Nice Find, Took 2 pairs In Store Picking. Thanks For Sharing The Post.
heyimdennise Jun 30, 2012
Awesome! You can't pass this one! Thank you!
THartz606 Jun 30, 2012
Can't pass up flipflops for $1.00. They're great for in the summer. Thanks for sharing. :)
Florida2Texas Jun 30, 2012
I am going to pickup few to keep in my backyard for my guests when they walk out! These are pretty decent quality for home use or as beach wear.
dvinegrace83 Jun 30, 2012
i can seriously never have enough of these. i love the fun color choices =)
vimalr Jun 30, 2012
These flip flops area very handy for summer. Last summer I got these from Gap.
nimase85 Jun 30, 2012
I got 5 pair of flip flops and a flag t-shirt with my $10 GC I got from Viggle

Reminder: If they don't have your size or color in stock buy whatever they have and exchange it later
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rd995 Jun 30, 2012
thats a good tip never thought about that one thanks
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catchersmom Jun 30, 2012
my daughter is headed there today, gotta love 1.00 flip flops
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themoneyman1113 Jun 29, 2012
So that is why you wrote it on the calendar. Our calendar states "flipflops" lol. That is all for tomorrow. Easy day I guess.
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branie Jun 30, 2012
hahahaha. Yes, going to get my flip flops today if any are left. I wonder what these $1 flops will do to my feet??? lol :)
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