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branie (L5)
Oct 19, 2012
November 6th can't get here fast enough. I feel so hopeless when I look at the candidates. jmo :0)
danjag (L2)
Oct 22, 2012
branie, the media is in the bag for obama. They misrepresent who Romney is, giving you a false sense of hopelessness. If anybody takes the time to actually look into who these guys are, the choice would be clear, and my statement above would prove true.

Everyone else, you can go ahead and give my remarks a thumbs-down, I'm not here to make friends, but it's sad you would do so without checking the facts and blindly follow this guy off the cliff.
danjag (L2)
Oct 19, 2012
There are only two types of obama supporters:
1) Marxists
2) "Useful Idiots"

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