Snuggie Fleece Blanket As Seen On TV

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Wrap yourself in warmth with this Snuggie blanket. Made from fleece, this comfortable sleeved blanket allows freedom of movement and is great for outdoor events, car rides and chilly days. Machine washable for easy cleanup.

•Number of Pieces: 1
•Weave Type: Fleece
•Fabric Weight: Lightweight Fabric Construction
•Features: Sleeves
•Fiber Content: 100 % Fleece
•Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash
•Dimensions: 71.0 " L x 54.0 " W
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What's the matter?
Mysterios Feb 02, 2012
I ordered two; but they only sent me one for $5.24 and gave me a refund for the second one!!!!! Is it one per customer only????? What Gives?????
tnglm003 Feb 05, 2012
I have not received mine yet.
helloamy1977 Feb 01, 2012
I dont have one either. Are they open in the back like a hospital gown?
tnglm003 Feb 01, 2012
I'm not sure. I'll let you know when I receive mine.
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helloamy1977 Feb 01, 2012
sounds good and you can model it for us
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bbattag Jan 31, 2012
These are $5 at the store, Five Below, if you have one near you
tnglm003 Jan 31, 2012
Nope, not mine.
psplove Jan 30, 2012
I need one in the winter. great price.
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baldieee09 Jan 30, 2012
living in California, I think I'd be laughed at wearing one of these .. lol
tnglm003 Jan 31, 2012
You don't wear it public, for gosh sake! What goes on indoors stays indoors.
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dvinegrace83 Jan 30, 2012
lol these are so hilarious, but i've heard from people that have these that they are actually quite comfy!
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kffight3r Jan 30, 2012
Amazon sells this for $6 no tax like all the time. And the quality is HORRIBLE - I tossed mine after opening the box. Just horrible.

Not a deal in any shape or form
zhn2011zhn Jan 30, 2012
seems very convenient for home!
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blackfoot Jan 30, 2012
Looks incredibly warm. Might have to try one out
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additc Jan 30, 2012
nice deal, i got some cheap ones from amazon once, they were $5 for 2 and its so thin that you have to use both at the same time. but theyre great for couch surfing
rtanner Jan 30, 2012
Hah snuggie's are funny but i don't own one either
snypin04 Jan 30, 2012
am i the only person who doesn't own a snuggie now? hmm i'm still not going to buy one
MHT962 Jan 30, 2012
For this price, you mind as well give it a try!
nimrodboy3 Jan 30, 2012
whoa..great price. all we all make fun of these because they look ridiculous..but let's face it..there are times when you know it'll just feel so why this price, it seems like such a great deal. you don't even need to call in now to get the 2nd one free...just buy another at this price!
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poe601 Jan 30, 2012
I have one and I love it, goung to grab this one for this price is awesome! Red card gives you 5% off plus free shipping!
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seanvcxz Jan 30, 2012
Snuggies are laughable, but yet they are awesome. Living in a freezing cold climate I can appreciate having my arms free to text, play words with friends or cruise the web.
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jasoned Jan 30, 2012
This is awesome. I literally just watched the episode of "The Big Bang Theory" where they made fun of these. Maybe it's a sign that I need to buy one.
arsiel Jan 30, 2012
Yes. It's a sign. Even though they're dorky, they're pretty awesome. I have a purple one, with pink polka dots. Yeup.
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branie Jan 29, 2012
I just love my snuggie!! The sleeves allow me to read and play on the computer and still stay warm. Good deal!!
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tnglm003 Jan 29, 2012
I never thought..but I did..I purchased my first snuggie.
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