ThinkGeek: Plush Halfling Slippers

Product Specifications

Plush slippers turn your feet into halfling feet
Have hairy feet and be adorable, not gross
Great for hanging around the house or as part of a halfling costume
Love your slippers: Spot clean with a damp cloth
One size fits most adult feet
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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Aug 23, 2012
LOL!!!! everyone would get a kick out of this. i'd buy them just to harass my husband cuz his feet already kind of look like this WITHOUT the flippers bahahaha!!
ancagavs Aug 23, 2012
they look so strange, but they also look so cute. nice find :)
nararal Aug 23, 2012
it seems to be a little larger for me, too big feet
jenniferds Aug 23, 2012
This Slippers are so funny. LOL
MrBklynW Aug 23, 2012
lols awesome sleepers, i would definitely rock this=)
blackfoot Aug 22, 2012
awesome slippers, they are sooooo cute!
ArtemisDeals Aug 22, 2012
haha these are great!! I have to get these for someone for Christmas... who? I am not sure yet but someone is getting them!!
EzzyLovesToSave Aug 22, 2012
The grandkids are gonna love it if I wear these!...thanks:)
Dexterous Aug 22, 2012
ha ha...these slippers are like the feet of wwe giant gonzalez
nimrodboy3 Aug 22, 2012
these are awesome
krmills1 Aug 22, 2012
Those are some crazy looking slippers!!! But definately something I would wear!! :)
seanvcxz Aug 22, 2012
These are hilarious and would make for a perfect gag gift for someone.
tpark6283 Aug 22, 2012
These would go great with the yoda costume I bought the Mr.
xptrish Aug 22, 2012
I think I used to date him!
FibroMom Aug 22, 2012
My dad had a pair like this - used to get a big laugh from wearing them with his PJ's and Robe to get his coffee when I would have friends spending the night! ;) He scared quite a few of them! ;) These are Great - thanks for the FUN Post! :)
drewskidooo Aug 22, 2012
lol, these are kinda creepy looking. They would make a funny gift though!
branie Aug 22, 2012
These are cute in a fun and weird sort of way. I think my niece would find these fun, but fear her dog may use these as a chew toy so I may pass.haha. Good find though.
boricua1 Aug 22, 2012
these are so funny..should get these for my mom..she would love these