8 Pin Lightning to USB Charger Cable (iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Gen, Nano 7th Gen)

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What's the matter?
Ivan3749 Dec 07, 2012
For $5, it's definitely worth a shot!
MrBklynW Dec 06, 2012
this is a great price, awesome find!
roylong Dec 06, 2012
With such a low price , will not be inferior ?
dealcrush Dec 06, 2012
60 days money back, free return shipping.
Looks like worth giving it a try!
audiocracy Dec 06, 2012
Read this before you jump on this deal. It's too good to be true for now.

nimase85 Dec 06, 2012
This is a great price especially compared to the price in most stores thanks for sharing
shimisi Dec 06, 2012
Generic ones are fine in some cases, especially if you just want a couple to have as backups. THanks.
Dexterous Dec 06, 2012
still havent own iphone 5 planning to go for galaxy
PaperRocket Dec 06, 2012
for the price. its worth it. 3rd party developers or "china" will always make the rip off cheap versions, because come on theyre made there, made if it doesn't work is it really that much of a loss?
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themoneyman1113 Dec 06, 2012
Worth a try for the price. Passing this along to my buddy who has the iphone 5, thanks very much.
Jtelford Dec 06, 2012
I would be weary of buying this. It's been in the news that no 3rd party developers of this will be able to copy it until early 2013. I wouldnt buy it.
audiocracy Dec 06, 2012
nimrodboy3 Dec 06, 2012
yeah..but let's face it..China always ends up making fakes..and sometimes it's different enough to not get sued..but still works..kinda' like how it might do charging but not syncing..hence..maybe not exactly the same..don't know...just sayin'..
Jtelford Dec 13, 2012
@Nimrodboy3: That's true. The chip in the new lightning makes this one especially tough, but thought I'd point that this if you buy it, it may not do exactly what you're expecting it to do.
nimrodboy3 Dec 06, 2012
awesome..in for one..thanks!
rd995 Dec 06, 2012
i think most of the people that are searching for a is for a spare one maybe to charge at work or in the car and for this price its good to give it a try if it doesn't work you can always request your money back but for $5 compared to the original one its a deal
tonman23 Dec 06, 2012
issue with most of these generic s is they're not reversible. I can't say whether these are one of them but every generic I purchased would only work if it's plugged in one way.
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islandofspades Dec 06, 2012
Apple designed their new chargers with a chip that will allow only their chargers to charge/sync with the iphone/ipod/ipad. the manufacturer description does not say if they had cracked this chip in their
arsiel Dec 05, 2012
Best price I've seen so far for the new iPhone charger , even online. I think it's still going for $20+ at the Apple store.
solowkoe Dec 05, 2012
this is a way better price then if you go to someplace like radio shack or best buy. nice savings, thanks for sharing.