Free Samsung HM1100 Bluetooth Headset at

12/29 - back again
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What's the matter?
Durr21 Dec 31, 2012
This is a great find and an awesome deal thank you
additc Dec 31, 2012
dude, mods need to get on this and mark it expired
additc Dec 29, 2012
oh, didnt notice that everyone already said that
additc Dec 29, 2012
sold out online
iowahawkeyes Dec 29, 2012
Wow. Its all out. Well I missed out! This for free is a crazy deal.
lotuslove19 Dec 29, 2012
Freebies are always a welcome!sad !! they are sold out.I really needed one .:(
Dexterous Dec 29, 2012
sold out already> good to have freebie
psplove Dec 29, 2012
Now In-Store Only. Sold out online!
aznballa161 Dec 29, 2012
sure it's free, but ratings suck. nothing worse than talking the phone and the other person can't hear you or you can't hear them.
shimisi Dec 29, 2012
Paid about 10 bucks for one of these before. Free (after rebate) is even better.
dealio23 Dec 29, 2012
Can never go wrong with having an extra bluetooth around.. Thanks!
poe601 Dec 29, 2012
Good deal, I also got one before and it was great for free.
hemalaa Dec 29, 2012
I have got similar one before. Good deal.
chuckydealpl Dec 29, 2012
although there is a shipping charge, its not a bad deal
additc Dec 29, 2012
zoneric Dec 29, 2012
I don't mind a free pair of headsets. nice find.
blackfoot Dec 28, 2012
Good deal after the rebate Free is awesome.
YesBoss Dec 21, 2012
Now Its Showing $5 After $14.99 Mail In Rebate. Looks Like Deal Is Dead.
Kumarplus Dec 21, 2012
Its like you pay 15.99 and you get 14.99 MIR. so effective price is 1$
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