New & Improved 2012 MagicJack Plus + Free 1YR Subscription Magic Jack Service

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MagicJack Plus VOIP Phone Adaptor lets you make local and long distance phone calls for a small fraction of the cost of your phone service's landline. You do not need a computer anymore, so now you receive as good or better service than your regular home phone does. No more having to keep your computer turned on all the time. You can use any phone—corded, cordless, portable, DECT and simply plug it into your new phone jack in the magicJack PLUS which can be plugged into the wall now. Of course you still have a choice to plug your phone into the magicJack PLUS when you want to use it with your computer when traveling, at a second house, at your business or even your home.Now you have a choice, and magicJack is the only one who gives you these choices.

MagicJack PLUS service has received rave reviews and many people think it is the best Call Quality they have ever heard.

The magicJack PLUS has added High Definition Voice. Best Call Quality and it's FREE.Take the magicJack Plus™ with you when you travel outside of the country and you will have free calls back to the U.S. and Canada. No matter where you are in the world you can call the U.S. and Canada for free.

You can also consider buying magicJack PLUS for someone you know that lives overseas and give the gift of free calls to U.S. and Canadian Phone Numbers.You can take your old phone number to the New magicJackPLUS by setting up our porting procedure. So easy, but so valuable too. If you want to get a new Phone Number anywhere in the country, you can do that and even get a vanity number too. So many options, no wonder 8 million people have gotten a magicJack.
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