JuiceBar Portable Solar Charger

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Holds plenty of gadget juice
Sun Juice

Despite it's name, the JuiceBar is not the newest health drink franchise trend sweeping across the country. And it's not a fruit-infused snackbar loaded with a full months supply of vitamin C. Instead, this JuiceBar is full of electronic gadget juice, also known as extra battery power - and it's our favorite flavor.

This sleek re-chargeable battery pack stores enough power to charge most handheld electronics and can charge a typical cell phone several times. The JuiceBar's internal Li-ion battery can be re-charged via USB connection or via the built-in solar panel. This arrangement gives you maximum flexibility while traveling or computing.

Included with the JuiceBar are 4 common connectors for popular mobile phones and portable electronic gadgets. If none of the included connectors will work with your device the JuiceBar's standard USB port is ready to accept one your existing USB s. There is also a handy LED indicator on the JuiceBar to show you when it's charging its internal battery and what the current power level is. There is even a built in flashlight so you never get caught in the dark.

Pocket size universal battery charger
High capacity 2000mAh Li-ion battery
Charges via USB connection or solar panel
Solar panel: 5.5 volt / 100mAh
Status indicator light
Built in LED flashlight
Standard USB out for maximum compatibility with existing s
Included connectors: Micro USB, Mini USB, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP
Also includes: accessory bag, USB , charging
No iPhone/iPod adapter is included because it works with the one you already have
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