Dell Latitude Core i3 Dual 2.3GHz 14" Laptop + $200 Gift Card

$499.00 $884.00
+ Free Shipping
What's the matter?

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superquasar (L4)
Aug 11, 2012
It is a laptop high-performance with a good price!
shimisi (L5)
Jul 30, 2012
I'm hoping that Dell's Black Friday deals will be half of these prices we're seeing these days... plus gift card! :)
mnvikings11 (L0)
Jul 30, 2012
Boy Dell is getting desperate, but then again it is Dell.
stthomas (L1)
Jul 30, 2012
IMHO its an "ok" kind of deal.
Dell has bumped up those numbers way too much and tried to make it look attractive.
Starting Price = 884?? for a i3-2350m with 250GB 5400 rpm HDD and 2 GB ram and no info on the sound.

It basically comes down to 300 (not really - you need to use the gift card at dell; correct me if i am wrong)
but if you can get the same i3 with double the memory and triple the HDD or even more for another 100 and not have to actually spend 500.

Also, as you customize you would see the numbers swelllll!!

PS: Just my opinion and from my perspective only. Different people have different needs. :-)
Dexterous (L5)
Jul 30, 2012
Dell is currently giving $200 GC as back to school offer. This is nice find

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