Microsoft Store - Windows 8 Pro (Update)

$69.99 Ship it
$39.99 Download from*

Also available at Staples for the same price, with code "41793" (or Printable coupon in stores):
Windows 8 Pro (1-License) [Boxed]
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What's the matter?
hutuka Oct 27, 2012
I got the download one, worth it :) Make sure your PC/laptop is updated with new drivers and stuff before upgrading though, visit your brand website first regarding upgrading to Windows 8!
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DJEAGLES Oct 27, 2012
used the staples far i love windows 8
rd995 Oct 26, 2012
for this price its worth the update and getting an extra copy for my next build
encorez Oct 26, 2012

Get an additional $10 off the price after entering coupon code CWINDOWS8 at checkout. Limit 1 per buyer

Windows 8 Pro is an upgrade version for devices currently running Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 - 32/64-Bit operating systems

Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Upgrade
wdjdac Oct 26, 2012
I see that they have this at Staples in Store For the same price.
Dexterous Oct 26, 2012
College is distributing for $10 if you are one in
hemalaa Oct 26, 2012
still thinking whether I should upgrade from Windows 7. Win 8 is more of a touch oriented OS.
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megamac125 Oct 26, 2012
Windows 8 is so much faster!
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aznballa161 Oct 26, 2012
i have windows 8 and i don't see it being any faster. i haven't found the features to be any useful. i feel that it's only useful on tablets and touchscreens
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wdjdac Oct 16, 2012
I can't decide if I'm looking forward to the update???