Only $30.99 – Ferrari Enzo Car Designed To Run With the Power Used From iPod, iPhone and iPad

$ 30.99 $ 80.00
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An R/C Car designed to run like no other - using the power of your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone as the remote control. Just download the free app from the iTunes store and you're ready to run. The bluetooth connection requires no other attachments. Drive it! Full gesture allows you to control the car with the tilt of your idevice. Tilt forward to accelerate, backward to stop and go in reverse. Feel it and Hear it! Force feedback delivers the rumble of the engine that increases as you go faster. Sound effects straight from the Ferrari deliver the rev of the engine.

Experience it! this isn't just a virtual joystick. The app reflects the dashboard design from Ferrari. Hobby grade steering and variable speeds give you real feel racing. Headlights, tail lights, signal lights are all triggered from the application.

All of this is packaged in a classic Enzo Ferrari body that is crafted with incredible detail and authenticity. Only real driving comes this close. The power is in your hands!

The Silverlit Interactive Bluetooth RC Enzo Ferrari creates an experience like no other radio control vehicle.
Your iPod Touch/iPhone will act as the remote control for your Ferrari.
Then use gesture control to actually drive the car
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FibroMom (L5)
Feb 04, 2013
My son will LOVE this! Anything he can play with while using his iPad or iPod he loves! Thanks - this is something he will really have a fun time with! :)
natarajansaktive (L3)
Feb 04, 2013
For giving Food to my grand son I can show this and play with it. Nice Find

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