Amazon Kindle Fire HD Wi-Fi 7" 16GB Tablet

Kindle Fire HD 7" Tablet

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What's the matter?
hemalaa May 24, 2013
very good price for the kindle fire HD.
MrBklynW May 24, 2013
awesome, will see if any is available. thanks for sharing
shopange08 May 23, 2013
A friend of mine is looking to buy a Kindle, thanks!
RealPage16 May 23, 2013
This tablet is really nice and probably one of the best easily
iowahawkeyes May 23, 2013
This really is the best tablet you can get brand new for this price. 170 really is crazy for a tablet like this.
nimase85 May 23, 2013
This seems like a pretty good price for Kindle Fire HD I will be sure to pass this great deal on... Thanks for sharing...
vimalr May 23, 2013
This is a good price for the 7 inch tablet. Also this one has got good screen as well.
Dexterous May 23, 2013
this is a good price, thanks for sharing
backspace May 23, 2013
Good price for kindle fire HD...Thanks for posting
wdjdac May 23, 2013
I did not know that Office Depot sold this, I will be checking this out.
newjerseychickxo May 23, 2013
An Unbelievably good price. I've never seen the price this low for a Kindle Fire.
Durr21 May 23, 2013
Nice price for a kindle my girlfriend would love this
dvinegrace83 May 23, 2013
Had some bad luck with the Kindle fire in the past but nice little tablet while it lasted. hopefully they have made some improvements though
erick99 May 23, 2013
A very nice price on a well-designed tablet. I considered a Fire and ended up with a Nexus 7 but both are great tablets.
littlexu May 23, 2013
Great price for a 16GB Kindle Fire HD. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
seanvcxz May 23, 2013
I'm starting to wish I would have gotten one of these instead of an iPad. They are so much cheaper.
kevin07 May 23, 2013
@seanvcxz I own both and this cannot stand side by side to an freezes a lot when using certain apps, slow..not a chance :)
mnvikings11 May 23, 2013
There are a lot better tablets out there for the price & bigger screens as well.
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Acidbaby May 24, 2013
@mnvikings11 Yup, you need to root it to even make it a worthwhile buy period. I think id spend the extra $10-$20 and at least get a galaxy tab.
themoneyman1113 May 23, 2013
GOOD find, I will forward this deal and coupon to a couple of friends for their children. Thanks very much.
Ivetteleon May 23, 2013
Wow it went down in price, my daughter has one and its awesome at this price I may need another one.
sorinlandiana May 23, 2013
I have to buy one for my daughter for her birthday. she will be very excited.