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HP TouchPad 16GB ($99) and 32GB ($149) Starts 8/20

Follow availability for the TouchPad Here on Twitter.


$30 off $150+ Code: SAVE30HP
$15 off $75+ Code: SAVE15HP
$10 off $50+ Code: HPSAVE10
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What's the matter?
rtgc2003 Aug 22, 2011
Anyone getting shipping confirmation yet ??
rtgc2003 Aug 21, 2011
Finally got a email conformation !!!!!!
Paul702 Aug 21, 2011
Me too. "Confirmed"
cvuong1984 Aug 21, 2011
Best Buy, put there stock back into the stores lastnight...

Those that want one should drop by Best Buy
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srohira Aug 21, 2011
Not all BB stocked it. They had abt 10 in stock per store with lines of 30 - 40 people outside BB. The first 10 ones in the line were the lucky ones to get it at store opening. Don't bother to go there. Surprisingly, I ordered one from Amazon at 11:30am this morning for $99 and got the immediate email confirmation too. Just a minute after that it changed from 'add to cart' to 'add to wishlist'
baljeet2010 Aug 20, 2011
of of mine worst day due to this deal..
stoopid2001 Aug 20, 2011
I cant find a $99 (or $149) one anywhere now! I really screwed up on this one!
fritos14 Aug 20, 2011
looks like still has some, but its not showing the low price
Paul702 Aug 20, 2011
They charged my card just a while ago. PROCESSING CHECKCARD 08/20 HP HOME STORE 888-999-4747 CA Debit Processing

Still no email though.
Paul702 Aug 20, 2011
Mine also changed. Bought it last night, said Being Verified all day. Now it says, Item Being Processed. And in the tracking number field, it says, Tracking provided upon shipment. I called today, the guy said the emails usually take 24-48 hours.
rtgc2003 Aug 20, 2011
Mine credit card has been charged and it went from being verified to Item Being Proceed ordered around 10:17pm central time yesterday,but still no conformation email anybody else ???
raysteach Aug 20, 2011
sold out of both as of 4:46 pm EST
encorez Aug 20, 2011
Out of stock
rtgc2003 Aug 20, 2011
I went to almost every store where they sell the Touchpad all sold out.. Good Thing my order went through yesterday.. Hope we can install Android sure someone will find a hack.
LilRed77 Aug 20, 2011
Your order went through but recheck status. My order went through, but today it said declined, please call.I think to many ppl ordered before they could update server to say sold out. Others have posted the same issue as me so I know my payment wasn't declined as hp claims, they are just sold out and I guess its a blessing.....
get_deal Aug 20, 2011
order still "being verified" have not yet received confirmation and my credit card has not been charged.
Dexterous Aug 20, 2011
Everywhere over or out of stock.......keep eyeing and let everyone know...CHEERS
rd995 Aug 20, 2011
does anyone know if best buy stores have them for this price?
cvuong1984 Aug 20, 2011
Best Buy pulled all there stock and are shipping it back to HP. They even pulled all the accessories
johnwin Aug 20, 2011
I just tested out the hp touchpad at my local staples. I must say I was not impressed. The tablet is fairly heavy compared to the Iconia Tab. The software isn't too bad, but since they're no longer going to support this tablet I imagine it's going to turn into junk within a year or so.
cvuong1984 Aug 20, 2011
Just overclock it, then load up Android on it.
villeda Aug 20, 2011
Out of stock :( alert me when in stock pls
Deal_me Aug 20, 2011
Office Max still has some but it's at full value...they say they price match but i can only buy online. do you think i can buy and then bring in store to get price adjustment? has any ever done this before?
baljeet2010 Aug 20, 2011
its outofstock everywhere.. any idea where I can get it..?
jodeen Aug 20, 2011
I ordered last night around 11:30pm Central Time. Still have not got a confirmation email. Wonder if I got it? My husband said all the workers were working on resumes instead of processing orders. LOL
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Vaibhav1511 Aug 20, 2011
Still available on Micro Center :
someothaguy Aug 20, 2011
Sold out
greenwood625 Aug 20, 2011
Bestbuy not selling them anymore as they r sending all their stock to warehouse.
chadsmith76 Aug 20, 2011
one issue with these is hardware. i have read a few articles on these tablets stating the developers were not happy with the hardware and resulting performance that HP ended up going with. supposedly they hacked an ipad and installed webos on it and it ran over twice as fast on the ipad. do a quick google for webos on ipad and you will see a few of the articles. "The hardware reportedly stopped the team from innovating beyond certain points because it was slow and imposed constraints"

All that said $99 is still a great deal but just realize there is a reason for the cheep price :)
htuong Aug 20, 2011
I ordered one 32gb version last night and today HP rep did price match for me... also received confirmation email. In mean time, walmart canceled my order which i made for my brothers!!!!!!!!!!!
kfthai Aug 20, 2011
Does anyone know when HP will have more of the 16gb Touchpads? It is my understanding that Best Buy has pulled the ones that they had left over on the shelf and shipped them back to HP.
ragingwookiee Aug 20, 2011
If you need more proof:

I would check with your local Walmart, Staples or Office Depot since BB is screwing up. They will sell you the TouchPad if in stock.
Dexterous Aug 20, 2011
Item being processed....Tracking provided upon shipment.
rtgc2003 Aug 20, 2011
Did you use the method up top to order it with the coupon code cause mine still is at Being Verfied since last night and no charge on my card?? What time yours go through.
rtgc2003 Aug 20, 2011
Mine just said Item being processed....Tracking provided upon shipment.
To and they charged my card.!!
Dexterous Aug 20, 2011
Same here, charged my card and Item being processed....Tracking provided upon shipment.
cvuong1984 Aug 20, 2011
One of my sister's order just got an "Order declined; please call " status
LilRed77 Aug 20, 2011
Same here they told me to call my bank but I payed through paypal bill me later and if its not accepted paypal will not continue with the order. So I know its not on my end, plus I called paypal and they said order was cancelled but not on their end everything went thru fine on paypal. Hp just didn't update their servers fast enough to say out of stock and now orders are being declined even after whole process was accepted. Pretty crappy if you ask me
get_deal Aug 20, 2011
order from HP early in the morning..status is still "being process" . I guess that is because today is Saturday. Big companies usually don't work on weekend.
bdpgroovin Aug 20, 2011
Seems to be sold out everywhere online. Any one have another option?
ragingwookiee Aug 20, 2011
Check with your local Walmart, Best Buy or Office Depot. For example I can still order from Walmart online and pickup at my local store even though it's sold out for shipping.
jwyatt915 Aug 20, 2011
I just went on and ordered the 16gb one for in store pickup. It would not let me add the 32gb one and the store said they can't sell it to me at the online price because the in store system is still showing the old price. SO, went back home and ordered online to get it for $99. May work for others still looking - good luck!
cvuong1984 Aug 20, 2011
Also, I did stop by Walmart, they are selling it for $100.00 BUT... Goodluck, the one i went to had 3... all bought up by the same person.
cvuong1984 Aug 20, 2011
Update for those wondering....

My Order was pending verification last night.
At around 8 AM EST, status changed to item being processed. And my Credit Card was charged.

32 GB with Save $15
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cvuong1984 Aug 20, 2011
No confirmation email yet...
ragingwookiee Aug 20, 2011
I ordered 2 16GB and both have been charged to my card. Although I ordered before posting this deal so I'm assuming their stock was still full at that time.
cvuong1984 Aug 20, 2011
did you get your email confirmation raging??

Read on a few post on Slickdeals, that they called HP and their orders were shipped. Even though status was Item Being Processed.
ragingwookiee Aug 20, 2011
No email confirmation but they did charge my card. I'm not too worried about mine because I ordered before posting the deal here.
ragingwookiee Aug 20, 2011
Email and shipping confirmations received.
LilRed77 Aug 20, 2011
I checked on the status of mine this afternoon since I never received a confirmation email from hp, but received one from paypal bill me latet, and it said order declined. Called hp and they said to call my bank. I said I payed thru paypal bill me later and order went through fine. I called paypal and they said the order had been cancelled but not through them....everything went fine and no errors through paypal so I called hp back and the c.s. Rep said there are lots of reasons why an order can be declined but couldn't give me a specific reason for my case....if your out of stock, just say I'm sorry but we are out of stock....
OrionStar Aug 20, 2011
Availible @ WalMart $99 Free Store Pick up. I gots mine ;)
jwyatt915 Aug 20, 2011
Worked for me too
Shpinxis Aug 20, 2011
Someone please post if they find this available anywhere, especially the 32gb one. Thanks
out2comment Aug 20, 2011
out2comment Aug 20, 2011
WebOS and iOS uses the same programming language. If you look back at the first palm pre that was sold. They were able to install apps from itunes. Apple then blocked it and that's how Palm went down hill. I am sure someone will hack it and allow itunes again. I doubt it will work with android, unless someone builds an emulator for it.
snypin04 Aug 20, 2011
still available at walmart. you have to pay full price, but they will price match if their site changes prices within 7 day of purchase. you can return computers for 15 days after purchase.

16 GIG:
32 GIG:
ThankMeForTablet Aug 20, 2011
hey ppl.... u cn buy the tablets at office depot-
16gb - $129.99

32gb - $149.99

1. Add the tablets to your cart
2. Make sure you select Free shipping for the price to be effective. If you select a Store Pickup, the price will not work. The Shipping is free so select to have it shipped.

Enjoy... Thx to the RagingWookie for the original deal.
Paul702 Aug 20, 2011
just bought one. thanks
psplove Aug 20, 2011
Out of stock!
rtgc2003 Aug 20, 2011
Damn it's been over 5-6 hours my order still says it's Being Verified.
drewcp Aug 20, 2011
I have "Item being processed"
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rtgc2003 Aug 20, 2011
Did u use the method above to order it ??
drewcp Aug 20, 2011
Yes. I used that code to sign up and I just called them, and it's too late for me to cancel the order, I have to wait for them to ship it to me and then I can send it back.

I found one locally so I don't need the one I ordered from them any more.
snypin04 Aug 20, 2011
still available at walmart. you have to pay full price, but they will price match if their site changes prices within 7 day of purchase. you can return computers for 15 days after purchase.

16 GIG:
32 GIG:


Price adjustments for purchases

"If the price of an item on changes within seven days from the date you placed your order, we will provide a price adjustment (i.e. a partial refund) at your request. If you've noticed a price change on an item you purchased, please contact us and one of our Customer Service Associates will be happy to help you. Adjustments are only for items purchased at and are not made for Walmart store pricing. Price adjustments are not available for items designated as Clearance, Value of the Day or Special Buy; for items purchased up to seven days before Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday or Cyber Week; and for items purchased using an Associate Discount Card."


Computers & Computer Hardware: Must be returned within 15 days of receipt.
Computer software: Must be returned unopened.
Camcorders and digital cameras: Must be returned within 15 days of receipt.
GPS units, digital music players, e-tablets, e-readers and portable video players: Must be returned within 15 days of receipt.

this is one of the only places I KNOW you will get a price change refund and will have no problem returning if you change your mind... and one of the few places that even has these in stock online anymore... at sale or regular price.

PGLUKHOV Aug 20, 2011
waited waited waited...aaaaaand it's out of stock in just a few minutes :(
andres_tabris Aug 20, 2011
they had been there for at least a couple hrs : )
ngonnui Aug 20, 2011
sold out
vishalchadda Aug 19, 2011
Wait for some time and then check the prices ... you shud see the new ones :-)
snypin04 Aug 19, 2011
out of stock for both at HP, and still showing old prices? anyone know anywhere else that has slashed prices??
vishalchadda Aug 20, 2011
Wait for some time and then check the prices ... you shud see the new ones :-)
ernier Aug 19, 2011
read somewhere that if order status is being verified, then it most likely that the order will not go through.
OfficeDepot has a banner with lowered price. Amazon sold them for a bit fulfilled by Target.
PC Richards also sold them, but they are sold out now, I was stopped at the checkout.
rtgc2003 Aug 19, 2011
Where you read that at???
hthrlj Aug 19, 2011
I bought a 32GB one a few hours ago; HP website currently out of stock, but deal is supposed to go live with other retailers tomorrow
pirireis Aug 19, 2011
Ordered 32gb an hour ago, still waiting for the confirmation.