Kindle Fire for $200 + $50 Walmart Gift Card at Walmart

WalMart add showing $50 WalMart Gift Card with purchase of $199 Amazon Kindle Fire

Just browse your local ad starting this Sunday!
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What's the matter?
mAmphetamine Feb 10, 2012
Great deal. Just got one today. Wonder how long it will be until Amazon drops the price this low themselves.
shnuel Feb 07, 2012
a new filter came out, saying its support kindle fire!!
dvinegrace83 Feb 05, 2012
I love how walmart does this! Considering they sell virtually EVERYTHING, im sure everyone can make use of that giftcard.:-)
shnuel Feb 05, 2012
anybody knows if its possible to have any parental control/filter on the kindle fire's browser?
zoelee Feb 05, 2012
This is really great, wish there's a Walmart around me...
mnvikings11 Feb 05, 2012
This is a extremely great offer, they will sell out shortly, so grab them while you can at this price.
cscanlon Feb 05, 2012
The store supply is VERY limited. Local stores started with 18 or fewer. Better deal if you know an associate, extra 10% off! Got mine!
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drewcp Feb 05, 2012
I still know quite a few associates, but I don't think $20 is worth them losing their job.
hqian1 Feb 05, 2012
Good deal. They should have done this a lot earlier.
JaredCarter Feb 05, 2012
Will probably go for this deal, too bad it's not an amazon gift card
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drewcp Feb 05, 2012
You could use that gift card to Buy an Amazon GC from Walmart while you're there.
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JaredCarter Feb 15, 2012
yeah, just hate supporting wal-mart
vimalr Feb 05, 2012
Good deal if somebody is look kindle fire.
poe601 Feb 05, 2012
The Gift card makes this a nice deal!
vimalr Feb 04, 2012
saw this add in my local walmart yesterday. Not a bad deal for $150.
branie Feb 02, 2012
Not a bad deal, my friend just got a Kindle Fire and am going to check it out before I would even consider buying it :)
erick99 Feb 01, 2012
That's a nice discount. If nothing else, I could always buy $50 worth of groceries at Walmart (except for a deal like this I don't go at all. Too big, too hard to get in and out, and everything is a low quality version of what you might buy anywhere else).
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