Save 50% on H&R Block Tax Software

Save 50% on select H&R Block At Home tax software today, February 25, 2011, only. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, find download software and boxed software to fit your tax needs. Discount offer applies only to items shipped from and sold by Amazon.
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What's the matter?
arivera Jan 12, 2011
I hate tax season. Except the refunds part. :)
johng333 Jan 12, 2011
Review and comparison of all tax software
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johng333 Jan 12, 2011
State is included if you get the Home Deluxe federal + state + efile. When you buy state seperate its $30 bucks for the software. Typically the e-file for state is included with purchase of the state software, not sure if that applies when the state is bundled.

I need 3 states and wonder if you buy three complete packages if that will entitle you to 3 separate states. Right now that is cheaper than buying the two extra states. Complete Deluxe with state is $23 and each separate state is $30
wonder Jan 12, 2011
Product line details
State form preparation and printing is included in this version. State eFile is available at an additional charge.
johng333 Jan 12, 2011
I searched their site and could not find a definitive answer nor a specific price for state e-filing. My experience has been it is extra and costs about $10 for the state e-file.

Zero confirmation from both searching their site and google search for cost of state e-file or if it was included.

I think it is an extra $10 but it would be nice to get a specific answer.
johng333 Jan 13, 2011
Nothing at that link shows the cost to e-file state. The cost of the state SOFTWARE is shown, but it does not state if that includes e-file nor how much it costs to e-file state. Federal e-file is free, up to 5

I appreciate the help, but can not find a $19.95 number. Here is everything on that link:

H&R Block At Home Free

* state — $27.95 for each state return filed

H&R Block At Home Basic

* state — $34.95 for each state return filed

H&R Block At Home Deluxe

* state — $34.95 for each state return filed

H&R Block Premium

* state — $34.95 for each state return filed

H&R Block Best of Both

* state — $34.95 for each state return filed
H&R Block At Home™ and H&R Block Best of Both SM prices are ultimately determined at the time of print or e-file. All prices are subject to change without notice.
Srodrigueziii Jan 12, 2011
It's like 20 - 30 bucks.
wonder Jan 12, 2011
any idea how much it costs for state e-file ?