Chase Freedom Card: $350 Cash Back w/ $500 Spending in 3 Months

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What's the matter?
mlinhart Apr 06, 2012
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the629 Apr 05, 2012
Great card. Great deal.

Applied and approved last night.
quartrhoss Apr 06, 2012
How did you work that? I've tried about half a dozen times and it keeps coming up "offer unavailable".
the629 Apr 11, 2012
Worked it not too long after this deal was initially posted. It was either my championship computer skills or just good timing.
quartrhoss Apr 05, 2012
Already gone as it cuts out in the middle of my application. They magnanimously offered me $100. Ha! Keep it.
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vimalr Apr 05, 2012
I already have a CF CC which I got with nothing. This is very good offer.
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dddsss Apr 07, 2012
tell them your bummed u didn't get any of these great sign-up bonuses. i heard some did, and were offered worthy $ amounts[$50-100?--can't recall]
deals2us Apr 05, 2012
Just now expired ! MOrning it was available and i tot of applying an hour later ... oooops now it got expired..
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watchguyny Apr 05, 2012
Nice, I have been holding back on getting another card but this may be good enough to go for
werdna Apr 05, 2012
How long will this be available for?
Luxinyu Apr 05, 2012
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Sundevil Apr 04, 2012
too bad i already have one freedom cc.
wannabecool Apr 04, 2012
Dang... good deal I was happy with the $300.00... I like chase for credit cards... I have this one and the amazon one... haven't had any problems.
themoneyman1113 Apr 04, 2012
Looking to open a new card very soon and this offer is very tempting! Thanks for sharing.
kffight3r Apr 04, 2012
I like this card better than my AMEXes. I get $100-$200 back each month in gift cards...pretty awesome!
iowahawkeyes Apr 04, 2012
this is awesome! you get most of your money back! fantastic deal.
ddilworth Apr 04, 2012
This is the best cash back reward I've seen them offer in 2 years. The check does come and it is real, by the way.
mroett01 Apr 04, 2012
Great deal. Too bad I already signed up for card when it was 300 cash back.
fluffy Apr 04, 2012
Yeah, I think I applied when it was a lousy $250 cash back. Chase lets you have multiple credit cards from them, but not multiple Chase Freedom cards, not even if you want a different "flavor" (Visa/MasterCard) from the one you already have..
fluffy Apr 04, 2012
Chase has some of the best credit cards and the worst deposit accounts.
Dexterous Apr 04, 2012
I love chase and this CB thing is more awesome