10ft (3m) Premium High Speed HDMI Cable Gold plated

Sold by Cmple
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What's the matter?
drewskidooo Aug 22, 2012
This is still a pretty good deal. Not as good as it seemed but still good!
zoneric Aug 22, 2012
yup, I see it for $0.01 + $2.98 shipping. I think the price changes repeatedly. don't really know which price is good.
frogjr Aug 22, 2012
It's $0.01 + $2.98 shipping again. Not a bad deal; sometimes you can do better with ones that offer free shipping on Amazon. If you are ordering a lot of cables, Monoprice is the best; the shipping starts at $7.49, but barely budged ($8.04) on my last order of 15 various cables. My friends and I usually pool our orders and get great deals that way.
Kitten_Techie Aug 22, 2012
This item has *NEVER* had free shipping.

We never order from companies that play this game:
> 1 penny for the item.
> Increase the shipping to FAR more than it actually costs to ship this small item.

Sure wish dealplus would wise-up to this trick and STOP claiming these are "special deals". They are rip-offs.
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Volchic Aug 22, 2012
It's now .01ยข. But still now free shipping. You must buy over $25.00 to get the free shipping.
patkt123 Aug 22, 2012
It says 2.98 shipping...how did you guys get free shipping ?
deal Aug 22, 2012
Yeah definitely an incredible price for an HDMI cable. =] Nice find!
Reject Aug 22, 2012
No free shipping makes this a Meh deal.

In contrast, Meritline has a 2-pack, 5ft HDMI V1.4 at http://www.meritline.com/5-ft-high-speed-3d-hdmi-1-4----p-56603.aspx?strcoup=MLCK822ENL1&dealid=41714 for the same price, $2.99, shipped with coupon code MLCK822ENL1.
ReturninVideoTps Aug 22, 2012
Haha 6 cents for an HDMI cable? Even for 2.99 shipped, that's not bad!
boricua1 Aug 22, 2012
this is a very good price..even with the price of shipping
Dexterous Aug 22, 2012
Whoever ordered it will have to pay total of $2.99
It's not free shipping.
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nthsll Aug 22, 2012
Wow. Great price for a 10 foot HDMI.
alston11011 Aug 22, 2012
So cheap
psplove Aug 21, 2012
How can you get free shipping? $2.98 shipping for me!
shaezi Aug 22, 2012
yes it comes to $2.99 now which is still a good price. Its from eforcity who is a good seller and I've bought various cables from them before.
Dexterous Aug 21, 2012
This was price mistake and will be coz they cancelled my order
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blackfoot Aug 21, 2012
For 0.06 this is great, don't think that price will stick though.
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MrBklynW Aug 21, 2012
most likyly won't but again its worth the try=)
rd995 Aug 21, 2012
there is no free shipping i did it last night and order was canceled this morning with a nice email telling me that it was sold out but to my surprise they had the shipping just like arsiel said $2.98
MrBklynW Aug 21, 2012
they put it back up again with $0.06 + free shipping again, i'm going to see what happen. actually when i checked back, the seller that listed the price wasn't listed anymore. anyways it only takes two seconds for me to checkout and they don't charge me until seller said they ship it out to amazon.
arsiel Aug 20, 2012
Looks like it's $0.04 with $2.98 in shipping now. Still a pretty good price for 10 ft
Dexterous Aug 19, 2012
Awesome, Plussed and just ordered too
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