Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Light Lamp

Skid-proof design & waterproof design.
Skid-proof design & waterproof design
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What's the matter?
XzavierHewitt Jul 08, 2014
great price
srborges Jul 06, 2014
Price drop! thanks
JordenMayo Jun 24, 2014
still a great deal even if shipping is not free
seiger7 Jun 23, 2014
I wasn't able to get the $2.99 with free shipping price for this flashlight. The price I got was $3.82 w/free shipping. I don't know what I was doing wrong, but it didn't work for me.
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coupcoup Jun 23, 2014
Free shipping make it a great deal!
somesome11 Jun 22, 2014
The only problem with this one is they're almost all sold by 3rd parties, so the actual product you get differs by who you ordered it through. I ordered one a while back and it works excellent, but I did pay about $5 instead of $2 or $3. Unless you get a complete garbage generic though, they should work pretty well.
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jennyishere Jun 22, 2014
Someone used this one? Is it good working? Last time I bought one flashlight, it was not working after a few days.
emmafashion Jun 22, 2014
This would be nice to have around my home...
Acarone Jan 24, 2014
price drop, thanks for the update!
Retrex Jan 10, 2014
Back again!
sfreestuff Jan 04, 2014
Price raised, but still a great deal. I recommend getting Eneloop batteries for these and getting a few to stash in the car and around the house.

I received one with a button on the end that stopped working, but by now I've ordered from at least four different merchants and I can't confirm which one it came from. I still got more than my money's worth.
Acarone Nov 20, 2013
price update!
spyderlady Jun 30, 2013
Killer price if it is really a 300 lumens flashlight!
erick99 Jun 29, 2013
This is $3.99 again as of today 6/30. I bought this the last time it was four bucks and I have had it for a few months and this is a great deal. It is nice and heavy in your hand, very bright, the beam can be focused, and if you click it on and then click it again it goes into flash mode. It feels and performs like an LED flashlight that I would expect to pay twenty bucks for (and I have a LOT of LED flashlights).
sfreestuff May 26, 2013
Updated: Price is now $4.51.

I received both of mine today, and I'm debating whether I should toss one in the car and one in my camera bag or if I should give both as gifts and buy myself another one. I put a battery in one and it worked great. These are bright, but probably not 300 lumens.

My (95 lumen) Pelican flashlight seems brighter, and will probably last longer.

I'm also very happy with my Streamlight 4AA flashlight, but one of the LEDs seems to be wonky. It flashes a little bit like it's dying, but it still works after several years of good use.
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sfreestuff Jun 23, 2013
I've now purchased and received four of these. I don't always receive the same flashlight each time. They look very similar, but some have the low-output/regular/strobe modes, others don't. One arrived missing a screw from the belt clip. Overall, these are great flashlights to keep handy around the house or in the car. Pair them with some eneloop batteries, and you'll have a flashlight you can stash in a drawer that will be ready whenever you need it.

I purchased four more at $4.08/each and I've been recommending them to people. There's a good chance that these don't contain real Cree LEDs. Two of the four flashlight's I received included the Cree designation.

Estimated shipping is typically 17-28 days.
shopange08 May 11, 2013
Nice and portable. This would be nice to keep in my car.
xrjohn May 11, 2013
these are so nice to have around the house, very handy!
sfreestuff May 10, 2013
I bought two -- one for me, and one as a gift.
sfreestuff May 10, 2013
@sfreestuff ...and thanks for posting!
sly1960 May 10, 2013
WOW what a price drop.....thanks for sharing!
jkbane May 03, 2013
i like having these kind of flashlights around. Very handy
cid681 May 03, 2013
Pretty good price for the size and power.
nimase85 Feb 22, 2013
updated: is now $6.55
belzabub Jun 22, 2013
Search Amazon, other sellers around $5, got mine for that price.