Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet (Black or White)

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What's the matter?
tr1plication Oct 08, 2013
Back again 10/8/2013
tanush6 May 02, 2013
It seems to defy physics and logic that so much could be in such a small space working that hard for that long.
tanush6 May 02, 2013
The minimal weight of this thing is by far the most impressive feature about it in my opinion
shopange08 May 02, 2013
Glad to see prices are coming down on the ipad minis.. Thanks!
MrBklynW May 02, 2013
another price drop. nice
Jlowry May 01, 2013
On sale already? I wonder if apple is making another ipad? great sale
imariela May 01, 2013
the price shown at is $349 not $289 :
FibroMom May 01, 2013
I think I may bite the bullet and get one of these for myself... my son is so into Apple products and it's about time I join the fun! :)
jake_ucb May 01, 2013
Awesome deal!
wzhenwei May 01, 2013
Wow! It is great deal! Thank you for posting!
MrBklynW Apr 18, 2013
whoa pretty great price after getting the credit back, can use it on some accessories=)
nimase85 Apr 17, 2013
I can't get behind the whole mini ipad thing but this does seem like a good price for one... thanks for sharing I will be sure to pass it on...
Dexterous Apr 17, 2013
good credit after rebate
mnvikings11 Apr 17, 2013
Still in stock & ready to ship. Getting 1 for myself.
shopange08 Apr 17, 2013
Great price with the $45 credit. Passing this deal along!
shimisi Apr 17, 2013
That is getting a little closer to what they should retail for.
themoneyman1113 Apr 17, 2013
EXCELLENT!! Passing this good deal along.
littlexu Apr 17, 2013
Great price for ipad mini with $45 credit. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
baldieee09 Apr 17, 2013
Add promo code "SHOPOWNER" to get $45 in points!
branie Apr 17, 2013
Opppsss... My sister should have waited to get the kids their minis, good deal.
bodybybouey Apr 17, 2013
@seanvcxz sometimes size isnt everything. this deal with a $15 credit is great, but walmart sells this for $299 flat. If its sold out here, you might be able to try walmart!
rd995 Apr 17, 2013
good price the credit can be used for a case, sleeve or some kind of protection
littlexu Mar 27, 2013
$40 instance save is a great saving for an ipad mini. Thanks for sharing.
MrBklynW Mar 13, 2013
nice price, $100 Off retail
Gaylesheerin Mar 12, 2013
nice price drop, but sold out:(
mikhaila Mar 12, 2013
this is a great price!
seanvcxz Mar 12, 2013
I wish I bought a mini instead of my full size iPad. It great and all, but I would like the convenience of one that's smaller.
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Durr21 Mar 12, 2013
Nice price for an iPad mini thanks for sharing
deal Mar 12, 2013
Wow that sold out fast. :( Looks like it is no longer available.
additc Mar 12, 2013
I wish I waited for this rather than my kindle fire,
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TLWisner Mar 12, 2013
I have a mini a vendor gave me, I really like the form factor better than the full size iPad.
jkbane Mar 12, 2013
great price. That beats the deal I found. Im military so I bought my mini on base for $319
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