Apple iPhone 5 with 16GB Memory Mobile Phone (AT&T, Verizon & Sprint)

price drop

Requires 2 YR Contract
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What's the matter?
psplove Dec 11, 2012
I wish 32GB for this price. haha!
MrBklynW Dec 10, 2012
great price for iphone 5. get it before it goes=)
Roses196 Dec 10, 2012
Best Buy will not allow me to order 2 phones. I want one for me and one for my son and they are on the same account. I guess I will have to go in store in order to order two phones.
erniedavis Dec 10, 2012
this should be a good christmas present for my wife.. thanks for posting
FibroMom Dec 10, 2012
My son has been waiting on a deal like this - now to check out which company offers the better plan...
themoneyman1113 Dec 10, 2012
Looks like sisters dream is coming true, thanks for sharing, going to call her with the good news.
seanvcxz Dec 10, 2012
Wow, you rarely see Apple products sold at a discounted rate. Bestbuy must have worked some magic!
shimisi Dec 10, 2012
Nice deal. It's a 2-year contract, but you at least get some say in which provider to use.
vimalr Dec 10, 2012
You don't get to see much deals for Iphone 5. Also Best buy wont charge any additional early termination like other retailers.
YesBoss Dec 10, 2012
I Don't Understand Why Bestbuy Is Going To Charge Early Termination Fees?
YesBoss Dec 10, 2012
Usually Cell Phone Providers Are Going To Charge ETF .
vimalr Dec 10, 2012
If you buy from walmart or amazon they charge additional ETF other than the Cell phone provider.
YesBoss Dec 10, 2012
I Did't Know This, First Time Hearing . Thanks For Info
branie Dec 10, 2012
Great deal on the 5, those who have an upgrade available or switching carriers or new to the cell phone world (like my friends 12 year old daughter) will have some happy holidays! :)
poe601 Dec 10, 2012
Did not think I would see the iphone5 discounted for some time, this is good!
YesBoss Dec 10, 2012
We Need To Get Price Match Today, We Bought On $199 .
rd995 Dec 10, 2012
seems like bestbuy is the only one giving a discount on the iphone 5 maybe other retailers will jump and offer discounts too
Subha83 Dec 10, 2012
Nice deal.I am waiting for upgrade.Is there any expiration date for this deal.Thanks.
arsiel Dec 09, 2012
Wow even iPhone 5s have sales? Maybe this means they're coming out with another one soon...
audiocracy Dec 10, 2012
Nah, it's usually refreshed every year and the iP5 just came out in Nov so I doubt we'll see a model anytime soon. (: