Apple Store | Discount Price on Refurbished iPad 2 Models

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What's the matter?
rafeabc May 09, 2012
There is no IPAD 2 for 279
Acarone May 09, 2012
they sold out yesterday. gotta be quick :)
jst2smart May 08, 2012
Look like it got sold out .. hope next time it will be under $ 250.00
ReturninVideoTps May 08, 2012
I'm waiting for one to drop below $250 (refurb or not). Then I'll consider making the purchase
MrBklynW May 07, 2012
damn these prices are dropping faster then i thought
mnvikings11 May 07, 2012
I can't wait for my iPad 2.
kinggeek May 07, 2012
I still the think the price is little too high.
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seanvcxz May 07, 2012
Great deal for people who are willing to buy refub. I just can't bring myself to it.
additc May 07, 2012
Dexterous May 07, 2012
Still the price is high for me...I am waiting for under $200
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gangstabarbie May 07, 2012
Gosh I wish I had an iPad! But I'm too cheap to buy one cause I have an iPhone !
audiocracy May 07, 2012
It's amazing! I primarily use mine to take notes in class since it's a hassle (and a risk) to lug around my Macbook Pro everyday.
vimalr May 07, 2012
True new Ipad2 has better battery life and GPU performance. These should be the old ones.
wannabecool May 07, 2012
I bought a brand new ipad (first gen) for $300.00 a year ago... it doesn't make sense that a refurb is still going for 279... good deal for the ipad 2 ... but my guess is you might be able to pick that one up for 300 new in few weeks/months.
Acarone May 07, 2012
are they sold out of the $279 items? i don't see anything for that price