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deby32953 Jan 13, 2013
Fantastic deal! You put a lot of work into this one!
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MrBklynW Jan 13, 2013
no dupe, updated my original post 1 min. before you posted yours
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psplove Jan 13, 2013
If you tell me mine is dupe. You can updated with the lower ID first..
MrBklynW Jan 13, 2013
now what's your point now? are we going back and forth updating older post now? you couldn't admit you were wrong in the first place? and just expire or flag like i would do for you or anyone else.
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rockinnrolla Jan 07, 2013
Great round up of all the sales! Thanks for sharing!
ancagavs Jan 07, 2013
will check the sale out, maybe we can find something we need. thanks.
blackfoot Jan 06, 2013
Nice sale, lots of links to go through Thanks.
arsiel Jan 06, 2013
Going to check these sales out since the boyfriend got a Best Buy gift card for Christmas ;)
natarajansaktive Jan 06, 2013
For buying Laptop or Desktop this is a very good chance. Nice Deal
mnvikings11 Dec 17, 2012
I love shopping at Best Buy, but it's hard to good clearance until after the 25th.
aznballa161 Dec 16, 2012
bestbuy usually is overpriced but i see some things in here at decent prices
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ancagavs Jan 07, 2013
I've noticed that too. but they make a lot of sales these days.
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mattsterman7 Jan 07, 2013
I used to agree with you. But lately I've been seeing more and more jaw-dropping deals. They really are becoming the best buy.
somesome11 Jan 09, 2013
Yeah I wouldn't buy anything from them unless it's on sale. I purchased Pioneer speakers for my car for $20/pair, Amazon and everywhere else had them for $50. But, then I looked for an amp and sub, the cheapest amp they had at my local BB was $300 (that's what I was looking to spend total, purchased an Infinity Basslink used from Amazon for $90 instead).