Cobra HH475 Floating VHF Radio

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Keep communication going on the high seas with the HH475 from Cobra. It floats and is bright orange for easy retrieval in case it goes overboard. Plus, it has six watts of power for long-range communications, full access to all NOAA weather channels and alarm tones for weather emergencies.
Bluetooth® technology keeps your wireless phone safe and dry by pairing it to the radio
Rewind-Say-Again™ digital voice recorder lets you replay missed VHF calls
US, Canadian and international channels
10 NOAA weather channels gives you access to all government weather channels
Instant access to channel 16 and 9 for emergency situations
Submersible by industry standard JIS7 (IPX7) specifications
Large illuminated LCD display allows high visibility of display
Illuminated function keys allows high visibility of function keys
BURP speaker clearing vibrates water out of the speaker grill and improves speaker performance
TriWatch monitors 3 channels at once
Scan all channels to find conversations in progress
Signal strength meter shows the strength of the receiving and transmitting signal
Spring-loaded belt clip lets you take the HH475 anywhere
Button/key lock eliminates accidental change of settings
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erick99 (L5)
Oct 27, 2012
You can't beat the name. Cobra makes good stuff. These are radios for use over water do it's nice that it floats if you drop it overboard, A good price as well. Plussed.

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