eGear Mini Solar USB Charger

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What's the matter?
s_m1978 Jul 04, 2012
Thinking of trying...thanks!
arsiel Jul 03, 2012
Pretty neat idea. I hope I get to see more of these in the future - that'd be a sign that the idea's catching on and it's working well!
audiocracy Jul 03, 2012
You're better off just buying a portable battery recharger. It'll take days to fully recharge your battery with cheap solar panels.
Dexterous Jul 03, 2012
very useful stuff but donno about the quality
ReturninVideoTps Jul 03, 2012
I've been seeing these kicking around lately. Really cool idea
coastbuy Jul 03, 2012
Nice deal ,Thanks for posting.
ancagavs Jul 03, 2012
Plus'd it. This is such an amazing idea. I wonder with what they come up next.
MrBklynW Jul 02, 2012
wow what a great price, i just bought one for a little more. dorn!
mnvikings11 Jul 02, 2012
I don't know, it looks like it should work, no reviews, so if anyone finally does, I might incline to buy.
Subha83 Jul 02, 2012
Great charger.Good deal.Thanks for posting.
krmills1 Jul 02, 2012
We just had a storm on Friday that knocked out all the power for almost 2 states and this would be great to charge in an emergency like that.
branie Jul 02, 2012
Good find, my hubby said he could use this and the price is great. Ordering one I guess :) Thanks!
peter90 Jul 02, 2012
Great find. Thank you.
tekman2500 Jul 02, 2012
this is too cheap for it to be a quality decent product. Just look at the pictures and you get an idea of its build quality. save your money and get something decent.
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gossipninja Jul 02, 2012
these guys are local to me, they run a few other sites.

I ordered this charger from their daily deal site for 5 bucks with $2 shipping.

No idea if it works or not, haven't played with it
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additc Jul 02, 2012
can you play with it and let us know if its worth buying?
additc Jul 02, 2012
nice, but anyone used one of these?
or heard of this store?
zaknafein922 Jul 03, 2012
i had one and it was junk didnt work worth a crap kept shutting off.... but it was a dif brand dont know about this one exactly