Electronics Cleaning Putty

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What's the matter?
robbit Sep 17, 2012
The video states it can be used again and again, but it doesn't state if it can be washed off. I'm assuming you can rinse it, but I'd like to know for certain. Does anyone have first hand knowledge regarding cleaning it?
tpark6283 Sep 16, 2012
I might need to get this for my work computer! Thanks!
shimisi Sep 16, 2012
I like that this cleans without blowing dust and dirt all over the place. Thanks!
Dexterous Sep 16, 2012
This will put my laptop clean
RedHeadSaver Sep 16, 2012
Ok this is just too cool and it must work better then the air cans.
arsiel Sep 16, 2012
Cool idea but mixed reviews! Could be a good thing for those who NEVER clean their electronics :P
branie Sep 16, 2012
Like me, my keyboard is just gross,I am ashamed to say :(
I should spend the $5 just to see if this helps my mess.
Christine Sep 16, 2012
oooh what a great idea...why have i never though of that!
rockinnrolla Sep 16, 2012
This really can come in handy! Thanks for sharing this deal! :)
boricua1 Sep 16, 2012
hmmm interesting..never seen this,,gonna have to try it
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aznballa161 Sep 16, 2012
this is really cool, actually have never seen this before.
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gangstabarbie Sep 16, 2012
Encorez nice find on this. It definitely deserves front page!
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THartz606 Sep 16, 2012
This would be great for my keyboard thanks for sharing this. :)
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poe601 Sep 16, 2012
For the price, I may give this a try. Great filler item for order to get free shipping.
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ReturninVideoTps Sep 16, 2012
Nice! I've seen this a few times before and I've always wondered how well it works
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lovelysherry Sep 16, 2012
looks nice. good
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themoneyman1113 Sep 16, 2012
Awesome. The keyboards are magnets for dirt and everything else. Good find.
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ancagavs Sep 16, 2012
my bf likes to eat in front of the PC. the keyboard is always dirty. If I give thim as a gift, amybe he'll clean it :)
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zoneric Sep 16, 2012
interesting idea. I had no idea it exists such an item. I could surely use it for my keyboard
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dvinegrace83 Sep 16, 2012
woah! never thought of using a method like this but i'm def intrigued!
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rd995 Sep 15, 2012
this can be good for those hard to reach places to clean nice find
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