EMERSON Dual-Alarm AM/FM Clock Radio CKS9031

Includes free shipping.

See $10 Mail in Rebate on Page
[Receive a $10 prepaid card by mail from Newegg - Purchase by 5/12/13 ]

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What's the matter?
nicole56 May 11, 2013
Got this alarm yesterday and it works perfect.
wzhenwei May 08, 2013
This is great deal, thank you for sharing!
ramana_forums May 08, 2013
The Deal is back Again...
Uetian May 07, 2013
I bought one and it is good . Light blue display with two alarms. On top of all that it is free. :)
sidanj May 07, 2013
There is no link to rebate on Newegg site. Does anyone have the rebate link?
dealio23 May 07, 2013
Great deal on this refurbished alarm clock! Thanks!
mdgirl May 07, 2013
Nice find. Free plus free shipping what a deal
alecupope May 07, 2013
if it's free I don't say NO! :) I can't remember the last time I used an alarm clock with radio.
rockinnrolla May 07, 2013
WOW I love me some free stuff! Nice find. :)
blackfoot May 06, 2013
Great price after the rebate, Free is always good.
Dexterous May 06, 2013
back again
additc Feb 22, 2013
dang, outta stock
additc Feb 22, 2013
my alarm is also about 20 yrs old
shopange08 Feb 22, 2013
Awesome deal! I could always use a free alarm clock. will be sharing this deal too, thanks!
nimase85 Feb 22, 2013
This is a pretty good price for an alarm clock I am always interested in trying things I can get for free :) Thanks for sharing
dddsss Feb 22, 2013
I'd be interested if you report back how it was, i'm curious about how refurbs are.
branie Feb 22, 2013
ONG, one of are alarms is at least 15 years old and about to head to alarm heaven, goo time to check this out, although the brightness comment is bothersome, yikes..
branie Feb 22, 2013
That would be OMG, lol :)
dddsss Feb 22, 2013
Maybe you could use it as a lamp, lol. Might've try it if wasn't sold out.
shimisi Feb 22, 2013
10 bucks is not bad for a pre-rebate price to pay. Thanks for sharing.
saramor Feb 22, 2013
Is this refurbished ? Couldn't read anywhere.
YesBoss Feb 22, 2013
It Is Refurbished Product, In For One Free After Rebate .
naturaldeal Feb 22, 2013
NIce its free :)
hemalaa Feb 22, 2013
Free after MIR. Would like to give this a try.
akaricke Feb 22, 2013
That is a good deal for this clock.
cid681 Feb 22, 2013
Price is just about what I'd want to spend on a clock I don't want :-)
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poe601 Feb 22, 2013
Pretty good deal when getting the $10 card and this alarm for $10 shipped.
nicole56 Feb 22, 2013
Almost all reviewer says the blue light of this alarm is insanely bright. Won't be buying this.
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nicole56 Feb 22, 2013
I checked the reviews on amazon.
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chuckydealpl Feb 22, 2013
not bad for a refurbished unit, rebate is $10 prepaid card
Dexterous Feb 22, 2013
Free after MIR now