HP - Touchstone Inductive Charging Dock for HP TouchPad Tablets

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What's the matter?
Killer_whale Aug 24, 2011
Do we need this when all the touchPad orders were cancelled?? Funny!
macabong Aug 24, 2011
you can resell it for touchpad owners when they are all sold out. wait and see.
Killer_whale Aug 24, 2011
You must be a hoarder some way!
negativezero Aug 24, 2011
Sold out
PGLUKHOV Aug 24, 2011
No. It is In Store Only now
yayanaji Aug 24, 2011
we really need this for our touchpad?still cost a lot $40 save ur $$ to get the sec $99 touchpad for backup, is better way !
Killer_whale Aug 24, 2011
Good question!
sporky Aug 24, 2011
Actually this is a really cool product. It's just WAY overpriced ($80? Seriously?). $40 it's what it should RETAIL at. At say $15 it's something all Touchpad users should have, maybe even multiple ones.

Inductive charging sounds like a very tiny benefit but once you get used to having it it's hard to give up. And more importantly, you miss out on exhibition mode if you never get a Touchstone.
PGLUKHOV Aug 24, 2011
just got back from BB. Picked it up at the store during my lunch break. Great deal! Now on to finding an actual Touchpad.... :):):):)
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PGLUKHOV Aug 24, 2011
funny thing, it actually holds my HP tablet laptop. Sturdy little sucker
macabong Aug 24, 2011
Good deal. I got 2 from HP though, same amount of $$ anyway :)