Impulse 10,000mAh External Battery for Mobile Devices

For iPhone, iPad, & other mobile phones.

Includes Free Shipping, Select Black or White

The number of full charges for each device with this battery
  • iPhone 4S - 6.94 charges [1430 mAh]
  • Galaxy S3 - 4.76 charges [2,100 mAh]
  • iPad Mini - 2.22 charges [4,490 mAh]
  • iPad 4 - .857 charges [11,666 mAh]
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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Jan 16, 2013
mostly bad reviews..hopefully you get one that doesnt lose its charge
fluffy Jan 14, 2013
Those "number of full charges" figures are assuming 100% efficiency, which doesn't exist in this world. When charging a battery, you're lucky if you get 70% of the input energy back.

Note that while practically every phone or mobile device has a USB connector or for charging and data transfer, not all such devices will actually CHARGE when connected to a 5-volt power source such as this. Many plug-in chargers deliver more than 5v to their devices. That's why specific compatible devices are listed along with other devices "with 5V input". If your device actually charges, not just lights up, when connected to a computer's USB port, it should charge from this battery. If your plug-in charger delivers more than 5v to your device, this battery might still charge it more slowly, or not at all.
alecupope Jan 14, 2013
it's an amazing price drop. looks like something that's worth investing in.
additc Jan 13, 2013
good price. mulling if i should get it or not.
blackfoot Jan 13, 2013
Great low price, gotta say this is probably the lowest I've seen it.
tr1plication Jan 13, 2013
Just bought two. FYI it has TWO USB inputs to charge two devices simultaneously.
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glwrks Jan 13, 2013
This would be so worthwhile if spending a length of time in the back-country. So many phones take great pictures & videos, but can really drain your battery, too.
Dexterous Jan 13, 2013
great price, thsnks for finding
mikhaila Jan 13, 2013
wow this is a great deal. thanks for sharing
FibroMom Jan 13, 2013
Super price! I like that you have a choice of Black or White on this device. Thanks for sharing this Great Deal! :)
yayanaji01 Jan 13, 2013
bad reviws