Apple iPhone 3G 8GB for AT&T (no contract) - Scratch & Scuff

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MrBklynW Feb 06, 2013
lols wow super cheap. probably get one to give to a kid to use. that should do it for now.=)
mehome Feb 05, 2013
looks like this was a legit deal,just recieved tracking info,wonder were they got all the used phones? and hope it is in halfway decent shape.
lofure Feb 05, 2013
Cool. Thanks for taking time to share this deal which is useful to me.
Dexterous Feb 05, 2013
nimase85 Feb 05, 2013
I wonder if this could serve as a ipod touch if it has no phone service.... It does still look to be available I am currently at the last stage of checkout...
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Dexterous Feb 05, 2013
You can play as I pod, decent price too.
Dexterous Feb 05, 2013
well, not bad for the price, i would love to have this
wogga Feb 05, 2013
It's now a felony to unlock a phone without your telco doing it for you...
zacharyzblewski Feb 05, 2013
Great toy for the kids. Or dog.
mehome Feb 05, 2013
heck ya !!!!
tanush6 Feb 05, 2013
wow..this is a nice deal and happy it made the front page
gapotter Feb 05, 2013
WARNING - you cannot run the latest OS (iOS 6.0) on this phone. Lots of apps will not be available
hemalaa Feb 05, 2013
good price for a backup phone.
YesBoss Feb 05, 2013
Just missed, good price. out of stock for shipping .
chuckydealpl Feb 05, 2013
probably good as a starter phone for kids who want an iphone
rhyno Feb 05, 2013
Sure, it's fairly cheap, but the 3G is dog slow these days. A 3GS is just about adequate on the latest iOS.
kffight3r Feb 05, 2013
with great emphasis on dog