Logitech 984-000193 Tablet Speaker for iPad

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What's the matter?
erick99 Feb 16, 2013
I have the version of this that fits over the top of laptop screens and it is awesome. Very loud (if you need volume) and great sound. Not sure if this one is quite the same as it is smaller but the line is very good.
xrjohn Feb 10, 2013
that's a great price, love to find reasonable items!!
LoveSweet Feb 06, 2013
This is a companion for the beach or camping.
hemalaa Feb 06, 2013
looks like a good option for watching movies in the room.
zoneric Feb 06, 2013
Logitech is an excellent brand. I had a gamepad from them. worked perfectly! I broke it from playing for so long :D
ancagavs Feb 06, 2013
great price drop. thanks for the code.
MrBklynW Feb 06, 2013
nice price drop, awesome prices on logitech tablet speakers
ancagavs Feb 06, 2013
Logitech is very popular. I did not know they have speakers too. I've seen a mouse and a gamepad from them and they work like a charm.
mikhaila Feb 05, 2013
superb deal! I could really use this for my ipad. thanks
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nimase85 Feb 05, 2013
This is a great price for these speakers I might have to get one for my ipad... thanks for sharing and i will be sure to pass it on
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jeepeo Feb 05, 2013
Great price drop! Thanks a lot.
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zacharyzblewski Feb 05, 2013
Pretty good deal for Logitech. You can use this with laptops, cell phones, mp3 players, or any other device with a standard headphone jack.
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mnvikings11 Feb 05, 2013
Nice speaker at a great price always looking for a bargain without the rebates.
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DealLeader Feb 05, 2013
That is a nice coupon to get the price so low. Reviews are generally good too.
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dealio23 Feb 05, 2013
Sweet! Will make a great gift for my sis. Thanks!
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tpark6283 Feb 05, 2013
Never thought of one of these, but for this price I might have to try it.
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themoneyman1113 Feb 05, 2013
Nice gift idea and inexpensive for my friends who own ipads, thanks for the share.
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FibroMom Feb 05, 2013
This will make a great gift for my son to use with his new iPad! Super price after code! Thanks! :)
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boricua1 Feb 05, 2013
wow nice price drop..nice find
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corockies17 Feb 05, 2013
we own this and it works great love using it when we watch movies
nicole56 Feb 05, 2013
Can I use this in laptop too?
chuckydealpl Feb 05, 2013
some of the reviews mention that you can use it on a pc, uses a 3.5 mm that connects into your headphone jack. so if you have that you're good to go.
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nicole56 Feb 05, 2013
alecupope Feb 06, 2013
it's cool that it can be used for the PC as well. thanks for the info.