Matrix ONE Universal Bluetooth Speaker

Available in Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and White
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What's the matter?
deal Oct 23, 2012
Ah nice bluetooth speaker. Great size. Wonder what the sound quality is like.
lancescape Oct 23, 2012
I love my bluetooth hamburger speaker, but I wouldn't have paid $40 for one. Mine wasn't even half that.
zoneric Oct 23, 2012
looks nice and the price drop is very good.
MrBklynW Oct 22, 2012
hmm...interesting speaker, not familar with brand though
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blackfoot Oct 22, 2012
Neat speaker with a hefty price drop.
aznballa161 Oct 22, 2012
Not really something I would get, but its a good deal.
naturaldeal Oct 22, 2012
Is it related to movie matrix? Good sale
comery Oct 22, 2012
Nice speaker in a low price is found here. Got mine!
bbattag Oct 22, 2012
How the hell is this front page with so many plusses? They did this exact same deal on cnet in August.
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Acidbaby Oct 22, 2012
Not sure how this is a deal. Bluetooth hamburger speakers of various brands seem to go for this price at most retailers. Get away from the bluetooth function and you can get a really nice quality speaker for less than $20.
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MdavidK30 Oct 22, 2012
Is this similar to that thing they have on Dr. House?
Dexterous Oct 22, 2012
nice matrix speaker, thanks