New Roku 2 XS 1080P Wireless Streaming HD Streamer Media Player w/ Free HDMI Cable

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What's the matter?
sdotwang Jan 22, 2013
thought it was too good to be true but gave it a shot for the hell of it since its only $19. Ordered yesterday and now the item is removed by ebay and seller is no longer registered on ebay as a seller. Guess its time to open a case with ebay and wait for a refund....
vedanup Jan 21, 2013
Please do not fall for this. It is definitely bs. This guy has never sold an electronic item or an item of more than $5. The previous deal was also from the same place but different chinese seller. They both seem to be the same. I guess they are trying to make money here and will disappear from ebay. If you noticed the previous deal the page was being updated every 10 mins by the seller and no matter how many units were bought it still updated to 10 units available. They sold some 200 units. 200 x 18 is $3600. Even if they disappear from ebay, they gonna end up good.
krmills1 Jan 21, 2013
No wonder it is sold out, that is the cheapest price I have ever seen for a roku!! Darn I was going to get one too!!
rakinishu Jan 21, 2013
It might be a counterfeit...
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Dexterous Jan 21, 2013
Don't think so, coz reputed seller
rakinishu Jan 21, 2013
Its coming from China... the capital of counterfeit heaven. and its going to take weeks to get to you, and he has never sold any electronics in his selling history...
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fluffy Jan 21, 2013
Honestly, I don't see how it can't be fake at this price. Even refurbs without an HDMI sell for much more. It could be from an unauthorized ghost shift at the original factory, or the result of industrial espionage. In either case, such counterfeits are usually made with inferior components, and without recognized serial numbers or MAC addresses, it may not even be possible to activate it. This is WAY too good to be true.
psplove Jan 21, 2013
Item Ships from GUANG ZHOU, China.
Dexterous Jan 21, 2013
The seller rep is great, yes from china
YesBoss Jan 21, 2013
Its Very Good price But Your Link Showing Sold Out .
Dexterous Jan 21, 2013
I can still add it to cart