New Samsung 8GB MicroSD Class 6 Water & Shock Proof SDHC Memory Card

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deal Jun 05, 2012
Agreed this is a very sweet deal.. Going to get this card for my Blackberry.. Nice to know that it is shock proof and water proof. Excellent Find... Can't believe it only costs $4 with free shipping. I am in. Thank you!
jasoned Jun 05, 2012
Very nice deal! My nook needs a new card and the price is right!
zoneric Jun 05, 2012
Prices for cards are lower and lower every day. This is good, because it means there's competition.
RayLakhan Jun 05, 2012
This price is hard to believe, but I still ordered one, nice find, thanks.
ReturninVideoTps Jun 05, 2012
Nice! You really can't have enough of these micro SD cards. So many devices use them
ancagavs Jun 05, 2012
A very good price. I'm not into technnology but I know a thing or two from my boyfriend:)
YesBoss Jun 05, 2012
Very Good Price, In For 2. Thanks For Sharing The Post.....
zhrrtaniu8886 Jun 05, 2012
GB MicroSD $3.99 cheap price really
Dexterous Jun 04, 2012
awesome find,4 bucks for 8gb and free shipping.
kevin1979 Jun 04, 2012
amazing price. got one. hope it's stable!
shopange08 Jun 04, 2012
Wow.. great deal!
vdealhunter Jun 04, 2012
If I ever get a Galaxy Note instead of the new Iphone, this will come in handy. Guess I'm in for one since its only 4 bucks. Thanks OP! :)
dropslike Jun 04, 2012
think I'll upgrade my phone memory with this 8 gb memory sd drive! nice deal
iowahawkeyes Jun 04, 2012
A name brand memory card for this cheap? You gotta be kidding me! great deal.
vimalr Jun 04, 2012
awesome price. I already have 3 spare ones. Otherwise I would have got this one.
psplove Jun 04, 2012
8GB with Class 6 for only $3.99 with free shipping. that's awesome price. Thank You!
hemalaa Jun 04, 2012
this is awesome prices for a 8gb Micro sd card.
maven3 Jun 04, 2012
Nice find, I'm in for one. I generally don't like buying memory on ebay, but I don't think I can go wrong for this price.
rd995 Jun 04, 2012
wow 3.99 for an 8gb card and i have an adaptor to use it as a full sd card thanks for this post
MrBklynW Jun 04, 2012
awesome price, i love these durable memory cards.