Nexus 7 from Googleâ„¢ 32GB Tablet + $40 in RadioShack Rewards

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What's the matter?
hemalaa Nov 07, 2012
back in stock and the coupon works as well.
wdjdac Nov 07, 2012
This is what I meant, According to the website this item is sold out.
wdjdac Nov 07, 2012
According to the website this item and sold out.
Dexterous Nov 06, 2012
now this is good cause we will have extra GC with this deal
encorez Nov 06, 2012
For a nice add-on....At Target stores...

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wdjdac Nov 06, 2012
So it is $189 after RadioShack Rewards, is this true???
YesBoss Nov 06, 2012
Wow, it's very good price still without $20 coupon .
hemalaa Nov 06, 2012
true you are saving shipping cost when you don't purchase in playstore.
rickwagner50 Nov 06, 2012
You will get 4 x $10 coupons for this purchase. According to the Radio Shack terms, you can redeem one at a time - you cannot combine them. So that is 4 things you have to purchase at a later date from Radio Shack to use the $40 in savings. Still a good deal, but complicated a bit by this fact
mAmphetamine Nov 06, 2012
Thanks for the info b/c I never shop at Radio Shack. Getting it tax-free at macmall seems like a better deal.
encorez Nov 06, 2012
Didn't work for me........REZ...
hemalaa Nov 06, 2012
The coupon works for me. which part didn't work?
encorez Nov 06, 2012
It did work if you type it in, not copy/paste..
encorez Nov 06, 2012
Got one.......thanks ...REZ...