This deal is expired!

Price Mistake? Octiv Duo - M202 - iPod/ iPhone Speakers at Altec Lansing



Maximum number of uses for this voucher has been reached

Promo Code: grpQ33ZLQMF7

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What's the matter?
horrorfreakshow Oct 24, 2011
did anybody get the free deal?
Pnmerk Oct 20, 2011
same here the transaction is still pending
bgriffler Oct 20, 2011
They cancelled my order but still charged my card...?
victory1 Oct 19, 2011
Just like I thought..receiced email today that the order was cancelled. Oh well, worth the try.
Pnmerk Oct 19, 2011
order canceled

To check the status of this order, to change your contact details or to view your order history,
go to your 'My Account' page.

If you cancel an order paid for with a Gift Certificate or Store Credit you must contact Customer Service for your refund to be credited to your Store Credit.

Thanks again for your interest in Altec Lansing. We hope you come back and visit us soon.

Rock on,

Altec Lansing
Customer Service Team

This email was sent from an unmonitored email address; please do not reply to this message. If you need to reach customer service, please call 1-800-ALTEC88 (M-F, 8:30am-5pm EST) or email and your email will be responded to as soon as possible.
roxyofloxly Oct 19, 2011
Yep I got cancelled to. boo!
tekman2500 Oct 19, 2011
Bastards cancelled all my orders
pat1679 Oct 19, 2011
Just received my cancellation order. :(
wetnwild_nik Oct 19, 2011
I also received a cancellation email.
badandy538 Oct 19, 2011
Just got a cancellation email. Gotta check the credit card.
adsneeds Oct 19, 2011
Even i got a mail from Altec saying that my order is cancelled :-(
gnoix Oct 19, 2011
Just got my cancellation email from Altec Lansing.
toast Oct 19, 2011
They cancelled my order too. I only ordered one, but they felt the need to send me two emails to get their point across.
MysteryD8 Oct 19, 2011
The order I placed last night was just cancelled.
ruchi2435 Oct 19, 2011
doesn't work anymore :(
choozy1 Oct 19, 2011
Max number of uses for this promotion code has been reached
jausenba Oct 19, 2011
No longer available. Says maximum number of people have used this code.
jabo22 Oct 19, 2011
This should be fine. It's the groupon code from a couple of weeks ago (hence the max redeemed notice). I got one and it's great :-)
kudosdeals Oct 19, 2011
I missed it :( But good deal though !
TXdealfinder Oct 19, 2011
it is saying, coupon reached maximum, looks like this is true offer, good luck to you guys
Vikachu Oct 19, 2011
Max number of uses for this promotion code has been reached.

vukidam Oct 19, 2011
DAMN !!!!!!!
"Max number of uses for this promotion code has been reached"
renjithrs Oct 19, 2011
Its out... :( --- when I used the promo code it says--"Max number of uses for this promotion code has been reached"
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spoilmeforlife Oct 19, 2011
Promo code still working. Hope it's legit!
PPSStore Oct 19, 2011
great deal...
dddsss Oct 19, 2011
how,where do you find these?? a groupon code?? maybe this will make up for all my lousy groupons! finally revenge for all my groupon hassles! ...maybe? ...probably not :(
Deedle_pie Oct 19, 2011
Still working for 6 items. I rolled the dice like everyone else because I've seen big things happen on here over the years.
smiklas Oct 19, 2011
I used the promo code, being charged $5.44 shipping + sales tax. Got confirmation email.
lavang21 Oct 19, 2011
I'm in...hopefully it workssss
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Dexterous Oct 18, 2011
I got it for $5 dammit. :)
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wetnwild_nik Oct 18, 2011
Just ordered one.
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shadowbelow Oct 18, 2011
This is awesome!
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Christian_Q67 Oct 18, 2011
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noelzkii Oct 18, 2011
Seriously???? there was a Dell i7 for $350 last month?!?!?!?1
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Christian_Q67 Oct 18, 2011
Edit: I actually got mine to work on Chrome!
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noelzkii Oct 18, 2011
seriously?!?!?! there was a price drop for a Dell i7 last month? dang! too bad I missed that!!!
Christian_Q67 Oct 18, 2011
Damn. It stopped working I guess. Says it's 100 dollars.
jigsaw918 Oct 18, 2011
seems REALLY sketchy..especially when u click "See Security Info" and "This page is not available to view" pops up... :/
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GabSmooth Oct 18, 2011
Order Summary
Shipping & Handling:
belarus94 Oct 18, 2011
Maximum discount is $499.99 I placed 5 items in cart and got $499.99 discount. Total is $5.41
rockstar4224 Oct 18, 2011
Didn't work on firefox, got it to work on chrome...waiting for the cancellation email..haha....too good to be true!!
adsneeds Oct 18, 2011
Got one :-) Have to wait and see if it works :-)
Silvabells Oct 18, 2011
I like! Just ordered mine!
aburns1988 Oct 18, 2011
Who one thought the dell price mistake on the i7 last month would go through at the 350 price..but it did. Lets cross our Xmas shopping would be complete if all of them go through!
kmlawson Oct 18, 2011
Man I hope this works
Pnmerk Oct 18, 2011
i was going to order and then noticed that the its not an https//: so i rather not risk it some deals are just to good to be true
roxyofloxly Oct 18, 2011
once I got to the order placement page and confirmation page it was https://
Doesn't mean its gonna go through anyway
pieinc Oct 18, 2011
I worked for me..but they should honor this since it is their mistake. Otherwise it is false advertising...which seems deliberate. If it is a mistake they should have caught it by now!
roxyofloxly Oct 18, 2011
As I understand it, the terms of service allow for them to cancel the orders in this kind of situation. Though I'm hoping my credit card company might be able to compel them to or something. /long shot
boseman Oct 18, 2011
I agree but that "false advertising" claim ceased to be threatening to any retailer years ago. They just claim it was a mistake and get away with it...but we hope against hope for a good deal!
boseman Oct 18, 2011
audiocracy Oct 18, 2011
Caps lock is cruise control for cool.
Acidbaby Oct 18, 2011
Not gonna happen. Those codes are single use for people who made the groupon purchase. Worth the shot but I know what will happen when nobody gets them. There will be that one person screaming for a class action lawsuit. lol
boseman Oct 18, 2011
Yeah but the groupon deal was for $40, not for free. Something else is up here...
aburns1988 Oct 18, 2011
Got 6! hope it works