Refurbished iPads from Apple, prices reduced (16GB WiFi $429, 32GB Wifi $499, 64GB Wifi $599)

Wifi (reduced prices):
16GB $429 ($499 new)
32GB: $499 ($599 new)
64GB: $599 ($699 new)
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What's the matter?
dusing Dec 08, 2010
Works got 6 - 6th one was free basically.
jocage Dec 08, 2010
Not too bad anyway
htuong Dec 08, 2010
This is nice; however, I'm waiting for 7'' Ipad 2nd Gen next year ! 9'' is too big for my need.
m0f0 Dec 08, 2010
The last time there were refurbs a few weeks ago they were only $50 off - I wonder if they're clearing stock for the iPad 2. That's what I'm waiting for!
PGLUKHOV Dec 08, 2010
iPad 2 is supposed to roll out in February, and publically demonstrated in January, so we have a bit of time to wait for that sweet thing to be in our hands. Those, who want to surpsise their loved ones for Christmas with these iPads, this is about the best way to do so...unless craigslist is your thing :)
m0f0 Dec 08, 2010
Yep, I agree that this is a great price, and every Apple refurb I've ever bought has been 100% good. And if it's not, it's fully covered by Apple's standard 1 year warranty.
FireFold Dec 08, 2010
Good deal! I really want one.
bunkerfan Dec 08, 2010
Wow... great deal. It's hard finding discounted Apple stuff!
richardting Dec 08, 2010
Ipad, it is denifite a good thing.
bfc5084 Dec 08, 2010
I might buy this or a new iphone.. I cant decide!!!!
rd995 Dec 08, 2010
a new iphone will get you married to att for 2 years
PGLUKHOV Dec 08, 2010
yep...I'm married to ATT for that apparent reason, and to tell you the truth, the iPhone is nice and all, but go with one of the Droids, man. Get the iPad and enjoy all that the iphone has to offer (with exception of calling), and a larger screen :)
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Sounami Dec 08, 2010
I just got my ipad, the color is fantastic!
Lilacs3 Dec 08, 2010
A friend of mine bought two refurbished iPads for her twin daughters for Xmas. I've always wondered if they are as good as the new ones. Apparently refurbished does not necessarily mean it was broken... it could just need updating. She got a really good deal on them. Her girls really wanted one and come to think of do l.
PGLUKHOV Dec 08, 2010
yes, you are correct. Refurbished could verry well be a regular return for no apparent reason, but apple is legally not allowed to re-sell the unit as new, so they sell it as a refurbished unit. It would have gone through their re-certification process and put back up for sale, so you can be assured that it is in a fully working condition
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priceHunter Dec 09, 2010
I always buy refurbished stuff. I never faced a problem.
PGLUKHOV Dec 08, 2010
This is not too bad, especially since this is re-certified by Apple.
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