Samsung Exhibit II 4G - No Annual Contract + $50 Calling Card

• Browse the web at blazing-fast speeds
• Watch your favorite TV shows on the 3.7” screen with T-Mobile TV
• Take and post high-quality photos and video with the built-in camera
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What's the matter?
ebest24 Jul 12, 2012
samsung has so excellent workmanship
MrBklynW Jul 11, 2012
awesome prices, thanks for sharing!
hemalaa Jul 11, 2012
Great phone without contract.....Going to check this....thanks
Dexterous Jul 11, 2012
this is nice offer with talk time as well, nice find
amazonaddict Jul 11, 2012
is anyone concerned that it comes with 2.3 gingerbread?
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rd995 Jul 11, 2012
thats a good price on a 4G no contract phone plus you get $50 card to start your month
vimalr Jul 11, 2012
Anyone have used this phone with 3g ATT after unlocking?
gunjan Jul 11, 2012
Yes I did. I had AT&T unlocked phone with 3G. It worked fine. But AT&T has more price compare to T-Mobile. so I switched to T-Mobile.
vimalr Jul 11, 2012
cool. Yes T-mobile has better prepaid plans. Thanks for the response.
shimisi Jul 11, 2012
No Annual Contract is good! Great deal if you're shopping for a Samsung 4G anyway.
themoneyman1113 Jul 11, 2012
My buddy was telling me about this offer I believe. No contract is what he needs as he has poor credit and some other unfortunate issues. Good buy.