Samsung T939 Behold 2 M.BROWN Unlocked GSM CELL PHONE

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Not too often do we see successor devices gaining much more attention than their original predecessors, but the Samsung Behold II T939 has a larger following thanks to its connection with Android. The original handset debuted less than a year ago with little fanfare behind it except for being T-Mobile's first TouchWiz-powered handset with a higher than normal 5-megapixel camera. Shortly afterwards, much of the Samsung Behold's fire was extinguished after the release of the camera-focused Samsung Memoir. Now we have the Behold II setting its sights on the rapid popularity of the Android platform while offering a new interface perspective to really set it apart from all the others out there. With so many Android handsets saturating the market in recent months, the Samsung Behold II may need to really stand out in order to capture the rising audience interested in the open platform – especially T-Mobile customers who already have their choice of robust pickings.
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