SanDisk 32 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card

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srborges Jan 19, 2014
Updated thank you
nimase85 May 05, 2012
This seems like a great price for a 32 GB microSDHC I think I might buy this I need a bigger one in my cell phone
shimisi May 05, 2012
Oh, and it's $20.35 + Free Shipping as of right now-- still a pretty good deal!
shimisi May 05, 2012
I've bought Sandisk cards on Amazon that I'm pretty sure are fake, but this particular one has good reviews, so I'm hoping it'll be the real deal :)
psplove May 05, 2012
$20.15 + Free Shipping! Sold by Everything But Stromboli..
deal May 05, 2012
Wow amazing. I can't believe something so small now comes in 32GB and is now $20. That is simply amazing. Technology is definitely growing at exponential rates.
Dexterous May 05, 2012
Currently $20.16 with prime. Great find.
kinggeek May 02, 2012
Thanks for sharing, very reasonable price.
dropslike May 02, 2012
70 dollars off! this is a great time to upgrade cameras guys! hurry up!
Hisgelt May 02, 2012
how much space could u possibly need on a little tiny chip like this at some point you will have to use a microscope to get it into the device
ReturninVideoTps May 02, 2012
Nice micro! and 32GB, thanks!
vimalr May 02, 2012
this should be from Amazon as it says "FSSS".
Sweetier May 02, 2012
good price!
kumslee May 01, 2012
It's a very good price for 32GB! Good Find!
heyimdennise May 01, 2012
Wow Great price! need a new one for my camera!
niceusa May 01, 2012
These are class 4 only..
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mnvikings11 May 01, 2012
Great price for a 32GB, I would rather buy it through Amazon.
s_m1978 May 01, 2012
Nice price for 32GB
maven3 Apr 24, 2012
The $17.67 price is only through a non-Amazon seller, so you have to pay the $4.50 shipping.

The regular price through Amazon is $22.37 with free prime shipping, so it doesn't seem like that deep of a discount at the moment.