Amazon | Seagate Backup Plus 4 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

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What's the matter?
Retrex Dec 10, 2013
Available again, only $10 more than it was on Black Friday
AgentGhost Dec 10, 2013
nice price drop!
wmott1122 Dec 04, 2013
I see the 3TB for $119, but the 4TB is $169 on amazon.
Acarone Dec 04, 2013
price drop!
srborges Nov 26, 2013
Updated ty.
dddsss Aug 10, 2013
$15 off coupon to clip
DealLeader Mar 26, 2013
Not seeing the $129 price now. Price Amazon is $162
msimulation Mar 25, 2013
This is the best price without restrictions that there has ever been. Newegg used to have this but only for one day and 1 per person.
DealLeader Mar 19, 2013
Exceptionally good price. I bought this drive a few months ago when it was $179. I thought that was a good deal then.
YesBoss Mar 19, 2013
Very Good Price For Seagate Backup Plus 4 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive.
KSBabu Mar 19, 2013
Call Staples and ask them to compare with Amazon price and apply coupon $25 Off when you spend $75 or more with Staples. This will bring down the price to $115/-
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Dealprince Mar 19, 2013
that is the best price for a 4 tera byte.
deal Mar 19, 2013
Wow that is the best price I have ever seen for a 4TB drive. Awesome. I am in for 1. :)
tc1uscg Mar 19, 2013
@rep179. I tend to agree. This is just an external drive and pretty much useless for a network backup for the avg home user. I still like Seagates Freeagent. I have 2, 2tb drives hooked to my network and not only are they accessable from any PC on my network, you can attach an additional USB 2.0 drive to the baseunit that allows additional storage options. I droped 100.00 for mine over a year ago. I think they are pushing the 3 or 4 tb now. Just another option. But if you looking of offload lots of data (image, etc), this isn't too bad but you have to port it everywhere unless you know how to share it over the network from one pc.
bbattag Mar 18, 2013
Always good to keep everything backed up. Good deal
tc1uscg Mar 19, 2013
@bbattag What's amazing is people will backup and feel fine. Till they need to do a restore or they need a specific folder restore. Then they tend to stand there and say "now what?" when they need it most. How many people verify the data back up. How many have done a restore and told it to overwrite just to see how and how long the process takes? Backing up is only half the battle. Keeping it orgnaized and accesable is the other.
backspace Mar 18, 2013
Wish it was wifi compatible...
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Dexterous Mar 18, 2013
not bad for 4TB, external is not portable
h4x0rmx Mar 18, 2013
Not worth it, I've seen 3TB drives for $99. Do the math
DealLeader Mar 18, 2013
@h4x0rmx 3TB drives that are USB 3.0?
rd995 Mar 18, 2013
@dealleader i think its this one was posted about a week ago great deal but not available anymore
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blackfoot Mar 18, 2013
Huge amount of storage for the price, I remember when 1 TB cost just about the same.
rd995 Mar 18, 2013
lots of storage for the price nice to see this huge hard drive going down in price nice deal
blusky Mar 17, 2013
This works very fast compaired to others which I have had
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DealLeader Feb 15, 2013
5% drop from just 6 weeks ago.
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