Sony Blu-ray Disc Smart Player (Internet Ready, BDP-S185) | REFURBISHED

coupon code "OUTLETBDPS185X"
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What's the matter?
Tpicart Jun 19, 2012
where do you put the code? Takes me straight to check out with no option for code
deal Jun 19, 2012
Wow I can't believe that you can finally get a bluray player with netflix and hulu for under $40. Awesome find! Thank you.
jasoned Jun 18, 2012
Great price! I like that it has Netfix and Hulu as well.
lishat Jun 18, 2012
Where's the free shipping???
MrBklynW Jun 18, 2012
free shipping on all orders $25 of more
lishat Jun 20, 2012
I see the banner that says that but when I checked out it charged me! >:| bummer!
blackfoot Jun 18, 2012
Good price for this machine. Nice deal
solowkoe Jun 18, 2012
wow, the price of these have really come down. A couple of my co-workers spent like $100 on these earlier this year I believe.
belarus94 Jun 18, 2012
What is internet ready? Does it need some sort of adapter?
YesBoss Jun 18, 2012
Yes, need adopter
somesome11 Jun 18, 2012
Yes the internet-ready players need adapters that are often proprietary (thus pricey). A better alternative is a universal wifi/ethernet adapter, it will work on anything with an ethernet port (I have one). You can find a refurb one here:
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s_m1978 Jun 18, 2012
Promotion code is invalid. I am entering at checkout at ecoupon box.
Am I doing right?
branie Jun 18, 2012
Amazing price, I am buying one whether we need it or not. Thanks for sharing!!
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ReturninVideoTps Jun 18, 2012
Wow, $40 is an excellent deal for a blu-ray...let alone internet ready. Great find
poe601 Jun 18, 2012
Great buy for the money, worked for me, thanks!
kiptheyoyo Jun 18, 2012
It won't accept promo code for price drop
Dexterous Jun 18, 2012
great blue ray disc with good price
hqian1 Jun 18, 2012
Where to enter the promo code? I couldn't get the price drop.
MrBklynW Jun 18, 2012
during checkout
hqian1 Jun 18, 2012
Gone through the whole process and couldn't find the place to enter the promo code. In what step the place appears?
YesBoss Jun 18, 2012
I Could't Able To Find Where To Enter The Coupon Code.
MrBklynW Jun 18, 2012
you enter it during the checkout page.

Scroll mid-way down to "Gift Cards, eCoupons and Sony Rewards Points" (Above the paypal payment option) and click eCoupons
buydealz Jun 17, 2012
Good deal
snypin04 Jun 17, 2012
just bought one thanks!!!
themoneyman1113 Jun 03, 2012
Again I mentioned this before on DP, I am not opposed to refurbished products and this one is on my list of considerations. Nice find. Oddly 1 review is great, while the other is poor. Interesting.........
snypin04 Jun 17, 2012
i have one of these and i have never had a prob with it ever, love it. i am buying another one via this deal!
Acidbaby Jun 17, 2012
Yeah this has been one of the worst rated BD players ever with lots of issues. The thing about refurbs is they are usually fixed of those issues.
snypin04 Jun 17, 2012
they offer a 2 yr replacement plan for 10.99