The Anti Slip Dash Mat

6/10 - back again

$2.99 Flat rate shipping on your entire order w/ code: noslip

Keeps small items secure on the dash of a moving vehicle
Color: black
Size 6" X 3 1/4"
No glue used so no residue left on your dash board or devices on the mat,like mobile phone, GPS, camera etc
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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Mar 07, 2013
its amazing how they hold at such a steep incline
Mawhen Mar 07, 2013
Sounds great and definitely the price can't be beat! :) I will get some of these.
Christine Mar 06, 2013
oh this is so cool! never seen these before...looks perfect
ukaran Mar 06, 2013
Novel product that too available free. Great deal.
Dexterous Mar 05, 2013
keep your cellphone safe, good one
jkbane Mar 05, 2013
crazy how these things work.
sly1960 Mar 05, 2013
thanks for post, nice product could really use
dealio23 Mar 05, 2013
Looks like a pretty neat item. Wonder how well it works? Will try it out, thanks!
mAmphetamine Mar 05, 2013
So this is $2.99 with free shipping... no thanks! I can do better on eBay.
branie Mar 05, 2013
Looks like something I could use, free with a little shipping cost seems like a decent deal, hope it works for me.. thanks for the post.
additc Mar 05, 2013
I bought a few of these, they didn't work
blackfoot Mar 05, 2013
Nice freebie offer with a low ship cost.
mikhaila Mar 05, 2013
there's nothing like a freebie! thanks for posting
littlexu Mar 05, 2013
Great find. The video did prove it is working but not sure how it holds vertically as in the picture.
FibroMom Mar 05, 2013
NICE - love when they give free items with a LOW Sitewide shipping price! (They always get orders from me when they do this - can't pass up a good freebie!) ;)
chuckydealpl Mar 05, 2013
liked the video, wish it would hold stuff vertically like the picture.
DealLeader Mar 05, 2013
I have bought some of these. They generally do exactly what they say, but they degrade with time. You can wash them, and they get sticky again.
lotuslove19 Mar 05, 2013
the best thing of these mats is that it keeps small things secured on the dash board of a moving car,,thanks for the more looking here and there to find small things in the car.
Brentheriot Mar 04, 2013
I love when they offer a coupon with a free item. Time to grab a few of the other things I've been eyeing.